£1000 Ski Jacket On Sale

12 November 2012

As part of their re-launch, ski brand Killly have announced a £1000 ski jacket for men at the top end of their range.

The 'Zeus' jacket, available only in black, has several hi-tec features that are the reason for the enormous price tag; these include what Killy describes as, 'an intelligent heating system' which is 'powered by reaction rather than electricity.'

The Zeus features a lining made from 'Schoeller® PCM™ technology.' PCM stands for 'Phase Change Materials' and the lining contains microcapsules that are set at a specific temperature range. We love geek speak!

Essentially, when the body or outside temperature rise, the PCM liquefies within its capsule thereby storing the heat and keeping you comfortable. And when the temperature falls again, the PCM solidifies and releases the stored heat. This makes the Zeus one of the first self-regulating ski jackets on the market.

To further ehance the state-of-the-art jacket, Killy has also used Dermizax® NX, a highly technical membrane that allows ultimate breathability but is totally waterproof and can be used on very stretchy fabrics. Dermizax® NX, which Killy says is arguably the most breathable waterproof membrane available in an insulated ski jacket, is used by only a handful of high quality brands and is only featured in one or two top-of-the-range garments.

The jacket is only available in the UK from Ellis Brigham

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