Even The Youngest Of Kids Can Ski

15 November 2012

The ESF in Morzine have come up with an idea to get 'em on the snow even younger.

Once a child can remain standing, they can ski. And that means from as young as 1. And for those of you fond of the "I could ski before I could walk" chestnut, It's now actually true. Children under 3 can now start skiing with Babysnow.

This unusual invention is part snow scooter, part snowboard, part je ne sais qua and is the first means of skiing accessible for children in the 1 to 3 age bracket.

The Babysnow has a small riding board, a handlebar fixed at the front, a saddle and a handle that is controlled by an adult. The child is attached to the Babysnow by their feet and body and, of course, protected with a helmet.


The Babysnow allows children to join their parents on the snow and represents a concerted effort by the ESF in Morzine to obviate the need for creche services. We jest.

What is the French for creche anyway?

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