Helmets Mandatory for Insurance

06 November 2012

Essential Travel have made the wearing of helmets on the ski slopes a requirement within the terms of their winter sports insurance policies.

The company launched a "Use Your Head" campaign in 2010 and have seen a 15% increase in skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets since then - as many as 77% they believe. The poll also indicated that 73 % of these felt that they should be rewarded for the decision to protect themselves by paying lower travel insurance premiums.

As a result, from November 1st wearing a helmet is a condition of Essential policies in order to benefit from the protection offered by their Travel's Winter sports Insurance protection - skiers who do not wear a helmet will  invalidate their policies.

Essential Travel's Stuart Bensusan commented, "Whilst it is true that a helmet does not reduce all sports injury, it seriously reduces the risk of potentially fatal injuries. That alone warrants making wearing helmets compulsory, and we choose to completely support safety conscious skiers by rewarding them with reduced premiums and bonus discounts."

Essential Travel are offering 15% discount on Winter sports insurance premiums and are also donating £1 for each policy bought to the brain injury charity www.headway.org.uk. The company also offers policy holders discounts with Neilson Holidays (up to 25%), Ellis Brigham (10%), Tail-Wags (10%) and Facewest (10%).

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