Nova Scotia Makes Helmets Compulsory

06 January 2013

Early last year a group of Canadian doctors recommended that when skiing it should be compulsory to wear a helmet saying it should be treated the same way to wearing a seat belt in a car. Now in Nova Scotia, Canada, a new law makes the wearing of ski helmets complusory.

Following the death of a 16 year old boy who tragically lost his life while skiing in Canada the rules have now become enforced initially in the region of Nova Scotia in Canada. The 16 year old boy who hasn't been named was killed by a critical blow to his head.

Fines for not wearing a helmet can reach a hefty $250 so it's something you should consider either purchasing your own or finding a rental shop in the resort you're going to visit. Ski Wentworth who is also now supporting this new law recently updated its website to include a banner linking to Helmet Match giving you the low down on what type of helmet you should be wearing while skiing. Ski Ben Eoin and Martock are also part of this website. recommends you wear a ski helmet regardless of whether it's compulsory or not.

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