Val d'Isere Snowboarding

Snowboarders rave about Val d'Isère as there are very few drag lifts and vast areas on- and off-piste to explore, and plenty of guides available to enable you to do so safely and get the best of it.

Boarders rave about Val d'Isere and rightly so, as there are very few drag lifts and vast areas of on and off-piste slopes to exploit. Ever since the great Jean-Claude endorsed snowboarding himself, the ski area has became a Mecca for snowboarders. There are one or two pinch points on the mountain, where skiers and boarders come into conflict but overall the vast space available, particularly for boarders ensures that the two snowsports live in harmony.

There are two snowparks in the Espace Killy: the one in Val d'Isère is above La Daille, close to the Mont Blanc chairlift. The ESF's Snowboard Club organises 'initiation' and improvement classes, private lessons and group lessons for competition level and class 3. There are a number of specialist snowboard shops and schools in the resort village.

The variety of jumps and rails makes Val d'Isere a great place for park novices to test out the park. Jumps are marked according to ability, so beginners know which to steer clear of and which they can hop over without any nasty surprises.

Runs for intermediate boarders to skip due to flat parts that require scooting include: the Cema green and Rocher red in L’Iseran and the Lessieres blue, the Traversee du Laisinant blue, and the Santons blue all in Solaise.

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