Val d'Isere Other Activities

Val d'Isere is not just for skiing. It has enough going for it that those who do not simply want to ski can pass a week there quite easily. From a first-class swimming pool and gym complex to husky-drawn sleigh rides and wellness the resort is a full-on winter holiday destination, not just a ski station.

Val d’Isere, like virtually every other ski resort in the Alps, is investing a lot in extra-curricular activities away from the slopes in order to attract those not chained to skiing on the mountain. Pride of place is taken by the Aqua Leisure Complex, which boasts 5,000sqm of top sports facilities and equipment as well as a wide range of classes and wellness. It is a magnificent addition to the resort and gives both visitors and seasonnaires a welcome alternative to the slopes.

Perhaps Val d'Isere's favourite pastime off the snow is shopping. It has one of the biggest and best high streets in the Alps - and don't miss the side streets, either. Designer clothes, shows, handbags and furniture can all be bought on the high street, while ski and boarding clothing ranges from the highly technical to designer (Prada), are also freely available. And if you're in town at the end of the ski season, you can be sure to pick up some real bargains.

If you are not planning to ski in Val d’Isere, pedestrians and snowshoe walkers can use the Solaise, Olympique and Fornet cable cars, La Daille and Le Vallon bubble cars, the Funival funicular and the Solaise, Bellevarde and Manchet Expresses. There is also a disabled sports association in Val d’Isere, which offers various activities and cultural trips as well as skiing. 

Snowshoeing in Val d'isere

Under the 'Winter Touring' category, you'll find guided snowshoe outings on which you might encounter chamois or ibex. You can go for half a day or a whole day, and even trek at night. Equipment and transport provided.

Les Plus de Killy Sport | Pascal Bertres | Tel: +33 4 79 06 05 14
Top Ski | Isabelle Lombard | Tel: +33 4 79 06 14 80
Ski Adventure | Elisabeth Chabert | Tel: +33 6 08 63 27 48
Gavet Michel | Tel: + 33 6 62 45 89 94

Ice Climbing in Val d’Isere

There is and Ice Fountain at La Daille, where high-mountain guides will teach you how to make use of crampons, ice axes and harnesses. The icefall is floodlit between 6pm and 10pm. You will enjoy it more if you're in good physical condition.

Bureau des Guides | Tel: +33 6 87 52 85 03
Yves Astier | Tel: +33 4 79 06 51 28

Husky Rides in Val d’Isere

Be a ‘musher’ and get on the back of a husky-drawn sleigh. Between six and 12 huskies draw the sleigh, and can cover from 30 to 60 km a day at 10km an hour. There are half-day trips and day trips. Some even include dinner in a typical alpine restaurant.

Tarentaise Traineau Mushing | Tel: +33 6 16 48 60 47

Ice Driving & Snowmobiling in Val d’Isere

Snowmobiling and ice driving are possible in Val d’Isere under the guidance of qualified instructor Didier Laroche. The ice circuit has been completely redesigned in recent years and you can now even drive around in a brand new BMW.

Didier Laroche | Tel: +33 6 15 20 71 08 | Web:

Paragliding & Microlight Flights in Val d’Isere

You could take to the skies with a parasail, and 'fly with the eagles' from the summit of Solaise for a maiden flight. Looking down (if you dare) you can admire anything from a sea of stone or slate roofs, the odd chamois, the immensity of 'lost' valleys, the Pissaillas or Ruitor glaciers, or the slopes of Miravidi across the border in Italy. 'The human bird' says the tourist office,' doesn't really know where to look first!' They also do tandem flights and speed riding.

Ski Parente | Tel: +33 6 81 05 99 57 | Web:

Air Professionels | Tel: +33 6 09 46 64 78

Philippe de Villenoisy | Tel: +33 6 07 22 43 97

Biathlon in Val d’Isere

This is not the sort of thing that you do lightly, but if you are fit enough the Biathlon might be something for you.

Tel: +33 6 98 03 81 44

Ice Skating in Val d’Isere

In the middle of Val D’Isere there is a good natural ice rink on which you can skate. The ice rink is open every day between 2pm and 7pm, which changes to 3pm and 8pm after mid February. There is a small chalet by the rink so children do not get too cold and there are hot drinks for sale and a host of entertainment.

Tel: +33 4 79 22 82 05

Val d’Isere Tourist Office

Resort centre (in front of Val Village)
Winter season opening hours
Every day - From 8.30am to 7.30pm
Saturday - From 8.30am to 8pm

Address: BP 228 - 73 155 Val d'Isère, France
Tel: +33 4 79 06 06 60


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