The Ski Resorts of New York

Ski Resorts in Upstate New York: New York State has more ski areas than any other state in America. Two Adirondack resorts, Whiteface and Gore, are amongst the largest in the East, while resorts in other parts of the state offer big mountain skiing close to major metropolitan areas.


New York State's ski areas span several regions and mountain ranges. The largest resorts are found in the Adirondack Mountains in the northern part of the state. The ski resorts of the Catskill Mountains in the southeastern corner of New York provide a big mountain ski experience only 2.5 hours from New York City. Central and Western New York is home to numerous small to medium size resorts that receive copious amounts of lake effect snow.

Adirondack Ski Resorts

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain is the largest ski resort in the state of New York by acreage. Tremendous glade skiing and the steepest trail in the East compliment a Just an hour and half north of Albany, it is the closest mountain to New York City offering more 2,000' of vertical drop.

Whiteface (Lake Placid)

Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid has the highest vertical drop east of the Rocky Mountains. Over 200" of snow blanket the mountain each winter, guaranteeing for consistent conditions and a long season. Off slopes activities in the Lake Placid region reflect the area's Olympic heritage as host site of the 1932 and 1980 games.

Hickory Ski Center

Hickory is an all-natural snow ski resort in Warrensburg. Boasting some of East Coast's best expert terrain, when Hickory is open it is a must-visit for any serious skier.

West Mountain

West Mountain is a mid-sized ski resort in Queensbury, NY. Just 50 minutes from Albany, West Mountain is the southernmost major ski resort in the Adirondacks and a popular choice for families because of its afforable pricing.

Catskill Ski Resorts

Belleayre Mountain

Belleayre Mountain is the closest major ski resort to New York City. With a vertical drop of 1432' and 150" of annual snowfall only 2 hours from Manhattan, it is a popular choice for day trips.

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain offers a 1600' drop and claims to have the world's most powerful snowmaking system. Hunter boasts steep trails and a modern lift system, but can be wildly crowded at peak times.


A truly hidden gem, Plattekill is located on the Western edge of the Catskills and is perfectly positioned to collect copious amounts of lake effect snowfall. Plattekill is truly a skier's mountain with a no-frills approach to skiing, but tremendous terrain and light crowds.


Windham is favorite destination for families. It boasts an identical vertical drop to its neighbor, Hunter Mountain, but is generally less crowded due to its family-friendly atmosphere and because it is slightly farther from New York City.

Central New York Ski Resorts

Bristol Mountain

Bristol Mountain boasts the largest vertical drop between its location and the Rockies. Bristol's modern lift system and first rate snowmaking system make it a favorite for Rochester skiers.

Greek Peak

Just outside the college town of Ithaca (home to Cornell University), Greek Peak has skiing spread across three distinct peaks. New ownership has been working to upgrade the resort's antiquated lift system and infrastructure, but the resort's terrain is surprisingly interesting given the mountain's diminutive vertical drop (only 952').

Western New York Ski Resorts

Holiday Valley

What this western New York resort lacks in vertical drop (only 750') it makes up for with a huge trail system. A popular choice for Buffalo and Rochester skiers, Holiday Valley is Western New York's largest ski resort.


Ski Resorts & Regions

  • Belleayre

    Belleayre Mountain Ski Center is one of the Catskills largest ski resorts. Owned by the State of NY, Belleayre offers affordable big mountain skiing close to New York City. With a respectable 150” of annual snowfall and 1,404’ of vertical drop, Belleayre is a favorite day trip resort for New York City metro area skiers.

  • Gore Mountain

    The closest big mountain ski resort to New York City, Gore has long been overlooked by skiers heading to Vermont or Lake Placid. Just exactly why that is remains something of a mystery.

  • Greek Peak

    Greek Peak is Central New York's largest ski resort and also offers some of the region's best terrain. Greek Peak offers skiing on three distinct small peaks and although Greek Peak's 952' vertical drop is small, the resort's slopes are graced by a heavy fall of lake effect snow each winter.

  • Hickory Ski Center

    Hickory Ski Center is one of the great hidden secrets in East Coast skiing. Renowned for its steeps, trees and vintage ski experience, Hickory Ski Center is also a great place for families.

  • Hunter Mountain

    Hunter Mountain ski resort is one of most popular day trip destinations for New York City metro skiers. At less than three hours from Manhattan, Hunter provides big mountain skiing close to home. Of course, Hunter's 1,600' drop and world class snowmaking system are no secret and weekend skiing can be epically crowded.

  • Plattekill Mountain

    Plattekill Mountain is the natural snow capital of the Catskills. Plattekill is perfectly located to catch lake effect snow. There are no higher peaks between Plattekill’s 3500’ summit and Lake Ontario, meaning then when lake effect snow bands roll in from the west, they smack into the large catcher’s mitt that is Plattekill and drop snow…lots of snow.

  • West Mountain

    West Mountain is a favorite Adirondack day trip area for locals in the Lake George and Albany areas. With a respectable 1,010' drop and value pricing, it is popular with families and ski race programs.

  • Windham Mountain

    Windham Mountain ski resort offers a family-friendly ski experience close to New York City. At under 3 hours from Manhattan, Windham is a popular choice for New York metro area families looking to avoid the mayhem at nearby Hunter Mountain

  • Whiteface

    Whiteface ski resort and the two-time Winter Olympic village of Lake Placid are nestled in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York State.