Alta Beginner Skiing

Alta's beginner skiing is focused around three chairs, the Albion, Sunnyside and Cecret on the looker's left side of the mountain. rooked Mile is ideal for beginners in Alta as they can ski at altitude and enjoy mountain views.

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Beginner skiers can access the mountain using the Albion, Sunnyside and Cecret lifts. The triple chair Sunnyside services a mile-long (1.6 km) beginner trail, originally named Never Sweat, now known as Crooked Mile, which gives beginners the chance to ski at altitude and enjoy the mountain views. Beginners can ride the Sunnyside chairlift for free after 3 pm each day.

A good day for a beginner would be to take the Albion double chair and ski down Crooked Mile to the base of Sunnyside triple chair, then take Sunnyside up and ski down Sunnyside green trail to Home Run, back to the base of Sunnyside lift. Then take Sunnyside up again, but this time cross over to Cecret double chair along Dipsy Doodle. Take Cecret lift and ski down Rabbit or Sweet 'n' Easy to join on with Home Run back to the base.

It is worth noting that Alta's 500" of annual snowfall can be a double-edged sword for beginners. Surface conditions are usually powdery and soft. However, all that soft, dry snow can be difficult to pack. As a result, the snow tends to get cut up more easily. That can mean that while experts are happy about fresh snow, some beginners can grumble about the skiing being more difficult than they expected due to the less smooth surface.

Recommended Hotels at Alta

  • Alta Lodge

    Alta Lodge

    Alta Lodge offers a throwback ski vacation experience - no TV's to be found in these guest rooms; the world-famous Sitzmark Club ski bar provides the entertainment.

  • Alta Peruvian Lodge

    Alta Peruvian Lodge

    Alta Peruvian lodge is a three-star hotel just a few hundred yards downhill from Alta ski resort base area.

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  • Alta's Rustler Lodge

    Alta Rustler Lodge

    Alta's Ruster Lodge is a ski in, ski out luxury hotel at the base of Alta Ski Resort.

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  • Goldminer's Daughter Lodge Alta

    Goldminer's Daughter Lodge

    Goldminer's Daughter Lodge in Alta is a ski in ski out hotel directly adjacent to the Collins Lift at Alta ski area.

  • The Snowpine Lodge Alta

    The Snowpine Lodge

    The Snowpine Lodge at Alta is a ski in ski out hotel at the base of Alta ski resort. The historic Snowpine Lodge opened in 1938.

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