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Coronet Peak Ski Area

Coronet Peak is a classic all round ski area with plenty of runs for most grades of skiers and boarders, and with a strong emphasis on intermediate skiing and boarding.

Coronet Peak’s 280 hectare ski area has more skiable terrain than the figure might suggest. Marty Sharpe makes the point in his Guide to the Ski Areas of New Zealand that “unlike many areas, which lie in concave terrain (basins or bowls) Coronet Peak is spread across the side of the mountain and has a more convex shape”. There are thus “seemingly limitless” ways down.

While only 25% of its 692 acres is rated as suitable for beginners, nearly half the runs (45%) are for intermediate skiers and a further 30% for stronger skiers and riders.

Although Coronet Peak is New Zealand’s lowest lying recognised ski resort, both in terms of its base area and summit, the ski resort has a greater percentage of total terrain covered by snowmaking than any other ski resort in the southern hemisphere.

As part of a NZD30 million redevelopment, Coronet Peak’s base area was demolished and rebuilt in 2008, and is now reopened and renamed as JSD’s Lodge, after Board chairman, John Stratton Davies. Tastefully in keeping with its surroundings, the new base building is home to a large restaurant and café area. The spacious meeting place has floor to ceiling windows providing views of the slopes and the Wakatipu Basin.

A number of amenities are located beneath the Coronet Peak Café & Restaurant, including the Coronet Peak Snowsports School and a full ski and snowboard rental service.

The Big Easy, M1 and Shirtfront pistes are open until 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights as part of the popular night skiing on offer at Coronet Peak. The trails are fully floodlit from top to bottom, and the restaurant stays open for the duration of the evening.

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