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Kirchberg Village

Kirchberg is a modest and traditional Tirolean village at 837m above sea level in the heart of the Kitzbüheler Alps. Situated 6km west of Kitzbühel, Kirchberg does not share the same exclusive feel (or pricing) as its more illustrious neighbour, but there is enough going on for it to be considered a worthy ski destination in its own right.

Literally translated, Kirchberg means “Church Mountain”, giving a sense of the traditional history of the town. The church remains a focal point, and there are a number of sports and clothing shops for visitors to enjoy after a good day’s skiing. For later in the evening, there are a number of bars and pubs around the town, from quiet hotel bars to lively pubs and late night clubs.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the town, however, is the large number of apartments and pensions lining the streets. There is a seemingly endless number of guest houses, to the extent that the town’s 9,000-strong population is nearly doubled during peak holiday periods.

For non-skiers visiting later in the season, there are other sports facilities closer to Klausen – a short walk from Kirchberg, including tennis courts and a swimming pool.

Visitors to Kirchberg should also plan a trip to nearby Kitzbühel. Although expensive, it is a stunning and charming town and can be reached very quickly if hiring a car.

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