Ski resorts in Spain with international appeal are mostly in the Pyrenees and include Baqueira / Beret, Formigal-Panticosa and La Molina-Masella ("Alp 2500"). Sierra Nevada situated high in the mountains in the far South of Spain is exposed to completely different weather patterns.

The largest ski resorts in Spain have followed their Andorran and Alpine counterparts in expanding upwards and outwards, and reinforcing their natural snowfall with extensive artificial snow making. This means they are now large enough to provide good skiing for most skiers for a full week, and have snow records which give overseas visitors enough confidence to book holidays well in advance, at least for the middle of winter (early and late season holidays can still be a bit of a gamble).

But Spain’s ski resorts are not just generic ski resorts which could be located anywhere in Europe: they have kept their Spanish identity, albeit that it’s sometimes mixed with strong regional allegiances; La Molina-Masella is proudly Catalan, whilst Baqueira regards itself as Aranese, Catalan and Spanish, all at the same time. Skiing is more relaxed than in most of the Alps. The lifts may open at 9am but most skiers only appear an hour later and they often start lunch at 2.30pm and stay in the restaurant until the lifts close. Apres-ski often means sipping Rioja or Cava in a tapas bar, although plenty of beer is also drunk. And prices tend to be lower in Spain too, which is always welcome.

Baqueira / Beret

Skiing in Baqueira Beret, one of the largest ski areas in the Pyrenees

Baqueira Beret has the highest and longest pistes in the Pyrenees. © Baqueira Beret Tourism

Spain’s premier resort, which is not just our view but also that of their Royal Family who stay and ski here. The resort stretches across seven mountains in the Pyrenees divided into three different sectors but they are seamlessly linked by lift and piste. The highest lift rises above 2600m and whilst most of the runs are aimed at intermediates, there is plenty of off-piste skiing and freeriding for experts and three different sets of nursery slopes for beginners. Accommodation is either in the convenient resort of Baqueira or down the mountain in the old picturesque villages of the Val d’Aran and the Val d’Aneu. Read the full Ultimate-Ski review of Baqueira/Beret >>>


The two ski resorts of Formigal and Panticosa are linked by bus rather than ski lift but together they form Spain’s largest ski area, and the vertical drop of about 1000m is pretty impressive too, although it’s just smaller than Baqueira’s. There is a good range of runs including lots of blacks (some relatively mild, others genuinely challenging) for experienced skiers. Accommodation, lift passes and meals all tend to be slightly cheaper than in Baqueira, and significantly less expensive than in comparable-sized ski resorts in the Alps. The ski area’s low elevation (1145m to 2250m) means snow cover can be thin at the beginning and end of the season, but time it right and Formigal offers some of the best value ski holidays in Europe. Search accommodation in Formigal-Panticosa and book online >>>

La Molina-Masella 

Skiing in La Molina-Masella's Alp 2500 ski area in the Spanish Pyrenees

La Molina is about 2 hours’ drive from Barcelona ©

The Alp 2500 gondola links the two Catalan resorts of La Molina and Masella in the Eastern Pyrenees. Together they share 119 slopes and 32 lifts, with the highest lift reaching over 2500m, and the lowest piste descending to 1600m. They provide good value skiing, and are close enough to Girona and Barcelona (both are about 2 hours’ drive away) for 2-centre holidays to be possible. Search accommodation in La Molina-Masella and book online >>>

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is closer to Africa than the Alps or the Pyrenees. It’s exceptional height – the top lift goes above 3000m – mostly compensates for its southerly latitude, so it’s more snowsure than you would think when you see where it is on the map. There is very little challenging skiing for experts, and the ski area is not quite big enough for determined piste-bashers, but for those who are prepared to take things easy and mix gentle skiing with sun-bathing and maybe a trip to the Alhambra or even a day off to to visit a Mediterranean beach, Sierra Nevada offers a ski holiday experience like no other. Search accommodation in Sierra Nevada and book online >>>

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