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Wildschonau Ski Areas

The Wildschonau ski area was connected by a high-speed gondola to Alpbachtal in 2012. The enlarged family-friendly ski area, now marketed jointly with Alpbachtal as “Ski Juwel”, extends 145km including 32km blue runs, 78km of red runs, 18km of black runs and 17km of ski routes; 47 ski lifts, free ski buses and one lift pass valid for all lifts.

Alpbachtal-Wildschonau “Ski Juwel” Ski Region

The new 145km Ski Juwel region comprises 82km of skiing in Wildschonau and 63km in Alpbachtal. The three ski areas in Wildschonau – Niederau, Oberau and Auffach – are connected by a frequent free ski bus service, with a similar free bus service connecting villages in Alpbachtal.

In 2012 the ski areas at Auffach and Alpbach were connected by an important new two stage gondola from the Schatzberg down to Inneralpbach, doubling the size of the ski area available to skiers in each valley from 55km each to a combined 110km. The newly connected ski areas include 20km of blue runs, 61km of red runs, 12km of black runs and 17km of ski routes. There is also plenty of easily accessible off-piste terrain both above and below the treeline which stays untracked for far longer than equivalent slopes in busier better known resorts.

The next biggest area in Wildschonau is the relatively small ski area at Niederau, with excellent nursery slopes down in the valley and 24km on mountain, most of which is ideal for first time beginners on easy confidence boosting blue runs progressing to easy red runs, but also including a few black runs and some enjoyable and more testing off-piste descents on north facing slopes and following the fall line through the trees from 1,500m to 828m.

The pretty village of Oberau is conveniently located roughly half way between Niederau and Auffach with its own tiny ski area for novices and for the convenience of locals.

Ski Area Total Blue Red Black Ski Routes
Niederau 24km 6km 12km 6km
Oberau 3km 2km 1km
Auffach 55km 7km 33km 6km 9km
Wildschonau 82km 15km 46km 12km 9km
Alpbach 55km 13km 28km 6km 8km
Reith 6km 2km 4km
Kramsach 2km 2km
Alpbachtal 63km 17km 32km 6km 8km
Ski Jewel 145km 32km 78km 18km 17km

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