St Gervais Village

St Gervais is nothing if not steeped in history. The Baroque church in St Gervais dates from 1698 but the modern resort grew around the spa from around 1806. The Tramway de Mont Blanc was built in 1906 and skiing began in 1930. In reality, St Gervais incorporates three other villages, Le Fayet, St Nicolas de Véroce and Le Bettex, which makes this an area to discover on and off the slopes in both winter and summer.

Some of the architecture in St Gervais is exceptional but the general development over the years has been in complete harmony with the surroundings. While St Gervais doesn’t aim to the shoppers paradise that some ski resorts represent, there’s a full range of jewellers, fashion, ski gear, butchers, bakers and artisans for those who need retail therapy.

St Gervais is hardly a sprawl but it’s possible to cover a lot of ground. The main street is a 15 minute walk to the gondola but is well served by a free bus service linking the four villages with the slopes.

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