Pas De La Casa Village

Pas de la Casa will never win any architectural awards. It’s a functional resort built to get people on to its slopes and into its shops.

Built on lower slopes of the Costa Rodona the centre is dominated by a car park and the four-storey Olympic shopping centre. The rest is hotels, shops, eateries and cars.

About the only thing Pas de la Casa has done to improve the look of the place is to ban coaches from its relatively narrow streets, but this is a mixed blessing as it means that new arrivals now have to walk up to their hotels from the coach park while their luggage is transferred.

If you want a taste of real Andorra go to the capital or a resort like Arinsal which was a thriving farmers’ village before skiing became its major money spinner. Meanwhile enjoy Pas de la Casa for what it is – a place to drink, dance, eat and shell out a small fortune on the latest gadgets that haven’t reached Dixon’s yet at a fraction of the price you’ll pay in the UK. Across the border the French have excellent ski slopes, but come to Pas de la Casa just for the shopping.

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