Northstar Advanced and Expert Skiing

Advanced skiers have 25 percent of the mountain to entertain them.

Take the Arrow Express and Comstock Express to the summit and head in the opposite direction from East Ridge along the black diamond Sierra Grande. There are several choices for descent (all black diamond trails): Rail Splitter or Challenger, or continue along Sierra Grande to join up with Challenger further down. Then either go for some backcountry skiing along Sawtooth Ridge (conditions permitting) or carry on along Down Under to the bottom of the Backside Express Chair and do it all over again. In 2000 a new black diamond area was opened on Lookout Mountain, with plenty of steep mogul and tree trails. It joins the rest of the mountain via the Pioneer chair. The Backside trees are best for powder. There are no double black diamond trails so experts may be disappointed. The only off-piste skiing area (conditions permitting) is at Sawtooth Ridge, off the black diamond trails below Mount Pluto.

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