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Sierra Other Activities

Tubing, snowshoeing, and snowtoys are all fun alternatives to skiing and snowboarding.

Tubing at Sierra is probably one of the highest thrill activities available. The lanes cover 425 feet (127 m) of high-banked turns and rollers, and a slick, quick surface. Tubing lanes are open daily, weather and conditions permitting. The cost is US$15 per person for two hours, which includes tube rental and access to the rope tow that carries the tube and its rider to the top of the hill.

Did you know that snowshoeing is recognized among fitness experts as one of the most effective cardiovascular activities, burning off a hefty 550-750 calories per hour! Sierra maintains three miles (5 km) of scenic, groomed snowshoe trails below the Base Lodge. Interpretive signs lining the trail system explain wildlife and other interesting facts about the Sierra Nevada mountains. Snowshoe rentals are available for US$15 per two hours.

For a new twist, hit the slopes on a snowbike or snowscoot. Snowbikes are a high-thrill, low-skill activity. In place of tires are two mini skis that skim the surface of the snow. The rider grabs the handlebars and steers downhill. The snowscoot is a crazy adaptation of the foot-propelled scooter, and accomplished users even pull tricks in the halfpipe and terrain parks.

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