Keystone Beginner Skiing

Keystone’s beginner skiing is located entirely on the front the resort’s three peaks. Beginners are advised to stick to Dercum Mountain, which caters especially to first-time skiers with a range of easy green and slightly more testing blue trails—and a reduced chance of being intimidated by more experienced skiers and riders.

The front side of Dercum Mountain is best for beginners, including the Discovery Learning Area by the Mountain House Base Area, and the learning area at the top of Dercum Mountain. Beginners start on the Discovery slope but progress is swift from there onto the long and narrow Schoolmarm, or onto the next stage-the Flying Dutchman blue down the side of the mountain.

The green (beginner) trails, on Dercum Mountain and North Peak, allow beginners to enjoy the views from the River Run and Outpost gondolas and ski in different areas. Keystone’s longest trail is three and half miles (5.6 km) and it is a beginner trail. Remember that this is high-altitude terrain and you could be susceptible both to chilly winds and headaches because of the thin air, which can make the learning experience uncomfortable.

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