Keystone Intermediate Skiing

Intermediates make up the majority of skiers in every resort and so it is here too.

Improving skiers can test their legs and last year’s skills on Dercum Mountain and then find good trails all around the area, notably on the North Peak which has five blue trails of varying character, with the Star Fire trail being the most demanding. It’s pretty steep and right below the lift, so you need to look good!

Another good trail is to take the River Run Gondola up Dercum Mountain and drop back to North Peak on Mozart trail. Then take the Santiago Express to the summit of North Peak and follow Spillway to Coyote Caper in The Outback. The Outback is even more challenging terrain with plenty of tree trails and steep groomers without the crowds. Lunch at the summit of North Peak is a must, so try the Outpost or the Alpenglow Stube for much more than a lunchtime pit stop.

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