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Keystone Restaurants & Bars

The Vail area offers a wide variety of nightlife from the upscale to the downhome and Keystone, to be perfectly frank, does not cater to ravers. This is really a resort for families and that tones down the wilder spirits.

On the other hand, look at the facilities. Night skiing until 9:00 pm, sleigh rides, ice skating, snowmobiling and tennis. Of the 20 bars in the resort, the Goat is the locals’ hangout for all ages; Kickapoo Tavern attracts the 25-35 group, as it’s close to the slopes and is a good place to see and be seen; Ski Tip has high-end cocktails in a cozy, romantic setting, for mostly 35 .

Kickapoo is the “sports bar” at Keystone and twentysomethings go there to catch their favorite games. LaBonte’s Cabin is another place to seek Keystone’s après-ski vibe. Liquor and licensing laws are strict in Colorado with no open containers except at restaurants and in designated events/locations, and a minimum age for consuming alcohol of 21. However, children can accompany parents in bars and other places serving alcohol and there are no closing time restrictions.

There are 35 restaurants in the resort catering mainly to families. They range from Kickapoo, a sports bar with appetizers and burgers, to Parrot Eyes for Mexican food if you’re budget-minded, through to Summit Seafood Company, serving fresh seafood, Bighorn for mid-wallet spenders looking for prime rib and salad bar, and the aforementioned Ski Tip, Keystone Ranch, and Alpenglow Stube for more pricey meals. The Ranch has been voted Colorado’s Number One restaurant in a recent Denver/Salt Lake City Zagat Survey.

There are several nightclubs: Kickapoo, Snake River Saloon, The Green Light, Parrot Eyes, Great Northern Tavern and the Last Lift Bar all with live music of different kinds, drink specials, and a cool night scene.

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