Taos Intermediate Skiing

Taos’s intermediate skiing is first rate. However, blue skiers will enjoy Taos more as the resort’s intermediate runs tend towards the more difficult side of the spectrum.

Blue skiers should stick initially to the trails off Lift 7 and familiarize themselves with the difficulty of Taos’ trail system. Some fast cruising on Porcupine and Powderhorn, not too narrow if sometimes steep, and great preparation for the harder trails off the ridge. A day in one of the Race Clinics or a short “Mogul Mastery” course might also come in handy. For moderate skiers there are a quarter of the marked trails to try out, but you feel sandwiched between novice and expert, especially if the snow is deep.

Nevertheless, Bambi is a good long trail from the top of the No.7 lift. It links up with Powderhorn and then Whitefeathers to the bottom of the mountain. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also link up from here with several other black trails. Upper Tottemoff links with Maxie’s below No.7 lift to give a challenging trail connecting with the long advanced Lorelei run.

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