Belleayre Intermediate Skiing

Belleayre’s blue trails are found mainly on the upper mountain below the steep summit headwalls.

Belleayre Intermediate Skiing 660X260

Intermediates have 58% of Belleayre’s terrain to sample. However, options from the summit are limited because almost all of the summit trails begin with black or double black diamond headwalls. This can be frustrating for intermediates because it limits the vertical drop skiable in a single run. Moreover, the advanced trails are legitimately steep and progressing from blues to blacks is difficult at Belleayre since there is a stark difference in difficulty.

There are two main intermediate routes from the summit that wind their way down the periphery of the resort. The first main route is on the looker’s left side of the mountain. Here skiers fin the Ridge Run/Roaring Brook Trail – a rather bland blue whose only notable feature is a single switchback. Alternatively, blue skiers could try Horseshoe Pass or Howe’s Highway. The former is a spur which connects to the main Ridge Run/Roaring Brook trail, while Howe’s Highway is a connector run which is unfortunately quite flat and has the distinct disadvantage of crossing no fewer than 15 trails.

The second main intermediate summit trail is on the looker’s right side of the hill nearer the Tomahawk Quad. The Deer Run trail (and its various spurs) is the most interesting blue run on the mountain and winds its way through a beautiful part of the mountain whose topography is also more undulating.

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