Mountain Restaurants

Belleayre Mountain Restaurants

Belleayre offers several on mountain dining options, the most scenic of which is the 1940’s era Sunset Lodge at the summit.

Belleayre Overlook Lodge 660X260

Overlook Lodge at Mid-Mountain

The Discovery Lodge at the very bottom of the resort offers typical cafeteria food, but can often be mobbed by the beginners that roll in from New York City each weekend on school busses.

We recommend sticking to the Overlook Lodge at midmountain which serves similar fare from the cafeteria on the lower level and has a fantastic sandwich carving station upstairs. Additionally, there is a small bar/restaurant on the top level of the Overlook Lodge that offers upgraded food.

If you prefer a view, the Summit Lodge is open on weekends in midseason and while the food is simple (cold sandwiches, cookies, hot soup), the view from this beautiful stone lodge is spectacular. Snag a picnic table outside and enjoy the long views over the backside of the resort and down to a large lake below.

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