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Gore Mountain Restaurants

Gore’s mountain restaurants are found entirely at the base areas except for the Saddle Lodge at mid-mountain which affords vistas of the High Peaks. On a clear day, the views of the New York’s highest summits makes the saddle lodge Gore Mountain’s best on mountain dining choice.

Gore’s base lodge serves typical cafeteria food. There is ample seating even at peak times, At the far end of the base lodge is the Tannery Pub, Gore’s bar. Service can be slow at peak times, but the food is good and the beer is cold. The bar features some of Gore’s original red gondola cabins which have been split in half and transformed into booths.

The Saddle Lodge is Gore’s only upper mountain eatery. Located near the summit terminus of the Adirondack II Express. On clear days, the Saddle Lodge’s 2 story glass windows offer tremendous views of the Adirondack High Peaks. Despite the building’s humble appearance, the food is surprisingly noteworthy. A slider bar serves small hamburgers, buffalo chicken sandwiches, and pulled pork sandwiches with spicy mustard and onions.

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