Brighton Expert Skiing

Experts wishing to remain in-bounds at Brighton may lose interest after a day or two, as the truluy best skiing lies outside the resort boundary

Brighton does offer plenty of black- and double black-diamond rated terrain to keep experts busy. Terrain off both the Great Western and Millicent high-speed quad lifts can be lapped all day with little traversing or effort into steep chutes and tree runs. One cool part of most advanced terrain at Brighton is the abundance of natural features presented by huge boulders covered in snow that can be playful for those looking to catch some air.

The slight shortcoming in expert terrain comes when high-level skiers are looking to ski other parts of the mountain. These areas can get tracked out quickly on crowded powder days due to their proximity to main lifts, and the center of the resort simply doesn’t provide the steep, challenging runs that the peripheral areas do.

True expert skiing lies just beyond the resort boundaries in a world renown part of the Wasatch National Forest. Backcountry access gates near the top of both the Great Western and Millicent lifts can put experts into extremely challenging zones in a hurry. Still, if you are looking to stay inside the ropes, a little traversing can go a long way to find an in-bounds backcountry experience. Traversing skiers’ right from the Milly lift will present a large zone filled with skinny chutes and big cliffs.

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