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Brighton Backcountry Skiing & Off Piste

With available single-ride lift tickets, Brighton is a perfect gateway to the best that Utah’s Wasatch backcountry has to offer.

Utah is known for its extensive backcountry zones, a high number of locals skinning into extremely challenging and often dangerous areas, and world-class lines located just a short drive from downtown. Brighton is ideally located to open the door to these wonderful zones. The Utah Avalanche Center is one of the world’s leading avalanche awareness organizations, providing an excellent resource to those looking to broaden their horizons and branch out into the wild of the Wasatch Range.

Looker’s left of the Great Western Lift is the Hidden Canyon backcountry zone that pops skiers and riders out back near the access road. This area can be a prime powder stash after a storm, as it takes days to get tracked out despite easy access. Still, the true diamond in the rough near Brighton is the terrain off the Millicent lift.

Entering the backcountry zone behind the top of Mt. Millicent is like entering Disneyworld for backcountry skiers. This area extends all the way to the backside of Alta and Snowbird resorts on the other side of the ridge, at the back of Little Cottonwood Canyon. In this area also lies the Wolverine Cirque, a massive bowl with dozens of extremely steep chutes to test the nerves of Utah’s best. In a state known for developing professional ski talent, this area does not mess around.

Notice: The above text is for informational purposes only. does not in any way recommend or endorse skiing beyond resort boundaries. Backcountry skiing is inherently dangerous and should be undertaken only by those with a full appreciation of the risks; severe injury or death may occur. Persons proceeding beyond resort boundaries should be prepared for avalanche danger, weather changes, terrain hazards and be equipped and trainsed for self-rescue. If you require assistance you may be charged for your rescue. Proceed at your own risk.


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