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Jay Peak Ski Area

Jay Peak is famous for powder snow, short liftlines and top notch expert skiing.

The resort base is divided into two main areas: Stateside, and Tramside. Tramside is typically the busier area, with a number of restaurants, a large hotel, and the waterpark, as well as Jay’s 60-person aerial tram—the only one of its kind in the state. Also located at this side is the Green Mountain Flyer quad chair, affectionately called the “Green Mountain Freezer” by locals due to its typically chilly and windy ride.

Stateside offers a more classic ski area feel, and many skiers choose to lap the Jet Triple chair and Bonaventure Quad all season long and avoid the more crowded Stateside Base altogether.

Jay is not a particularly large resort (even by East Coast standards). Most visitors have little difficulty mastering the trail layout in a single day. That said, Jay is the type of resort that has so many nooks and crannies that a full season might not be enough to find all of them, particularly if venturing into the resort’s famous glades.

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