Jay Peak Expert Skiing

For the advanced tree skier, there is no better place to find perfectly spaced and pitched runs on the East Coast than Jay Peak.

Jay’s famed strong winds often blow the abundant snowfall off the trails and deposits powder stashes amongst the maples and pines in the woods. To the skiers’ right of the resort, runs such as Timbuktu and Kitz’s Woods offer fantastic sustained top-to-bottom steep tree skiing. On the opposite side of the resort lie other great runs such as Bear Pond Glades and André’s Paradise. In between, skinny trails such as Staircase Glade and Deliverance offer some of the truer tests on the mountain.

For those looking for a short-but-sweet big mountain experience, board the tram to Jay’s summit. A short hike brings daring skiers to the top of the saddle amidst rime and ice-covered vegetation. Bring your A-game here, however, as any run down the extremely exposed saddle will be under the watchful eye of those riding the tram. Directly under the tram are the Face Chutes. Each of these are often covered in the East Coast’s finest conditions (read: dust on crust), but occasionally offer a short but sturdy test of your meddle, especially during the spring months.

Other, more traditional advanced runs may be found off further down the mountain off the tram, or off of the Jet Triple on the Stateside part of the resort. Valhalla and Green Beret are favorites off the tram, while bump runs such as U.N. and Haynes alongside the steep groomer The Jet will keep advanced skiers busy off the triple. If cliff skiing is your true desire, be sure to make your way to Upper Can Am and Upper River Quai off the Bonaventure Quad and air it out.

For more about Jay Peak’s gladed skiing and backcountry offerings, check out Ultimate-Ski’s Jay Peak Backcountry & Glades review.

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