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Jay Peak Apres-Ski, Restaurants & Bars

Both the Tramside and Stateside base areas at Jay Peak offer a large number of available dining options.

On the Tramside base, those looking to grab a quick sandwich can stop by the deli at the Provisions General Store, where lots of resort memorabilia and gifts are also for sale. For those looking for a more complete dining experience, Alice’s Table serves excellent comfort foods with a local flair. The nearby Foundry Pub & Grille also serves more upscale food such as pasta dishes, steaks, and locally grown vegetables. For pizza, look no further than Mountain Dick’s Pizza for a top-notch pie. The Tram Haus also contains a coffee shop to get the blood flowing on a cold morning, and a great post-ski bar called Tower Bar.

On the Stateside base, the Bullwheel Bar is the stop of choice for most looking for a hot or cold beverage after a long day in the powder. Both bases also have standard ski area cafeterias with the typical fare such as burgers, chicken fingers, fries, and wraps.

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