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Mount Washington Boarding & Freestyle

Mount Washington mountain can be ridden with minimal traversing making it just as suitable for snowboarding as skiing. The boundary backcountry may need traversing in order to return to the resort’s lifts, but these areas are few in number.

Mt Washington Snowboarder 660x295

For freestylers the Stomping Ground Terrain Park has all the features of a world class freestyle zone and is regarded as one of the top parks in British Columbia. All types of rails, boxes jibs and other man made features compliment the progressive sets of jumps. The Easy Rider terrain park offers a toned down version for those wanting to safely enter the world of new school freestyle skiing.

An attraction for the park riders is that the Thursday to Saturday night skiing includes the lifts that service the terrain parks. While avid skiers may not get much out of lapping blue runs for an evening, park riders can keep lapping until 10pm with all features at their disposal.

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