Heliskiing & Cat Skiiing

Here you’ll find heliski operators in Canada, Alsaka, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington State, Wyoming, Greenland, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Himalayas, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand – more than 60 heli-skiing operators worldwide.<


Find out more about some of the world’s best heliskiing destinations including heliskiing in Europe with leading heliskiing operators SwisSKIsafari and Canada with Mike Wiegele, CMH and TLH Heliskiing.

Where did idea of jumping out of a helicopter to ski come from? Was it the result of being stuck on a chair lift once too often? Can anyone with a helicopter head off and heliski anywhere in the world? How good a skier do you need to be and is heliskiing always hugely expensive? We think we have some of the answers ….

Read our interviews with Danielle Stynes , MD of SwisSKIsafari, and James Moreland, founder of Elemental Adventure, for the answers to frequently asked heliskiing questions …. fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

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