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Ski Clothing A Guide to Fabric Technology

There are currently a number of new fabric technologies available for the outdoor clothing market. In association with Snow + Rock we give an overview of the different technologies being used in waterproof jackets and other outdoor clothing apparel.

Ski Clothing


Neo Shell is the first fabric to combine the superior breathability, ventilation and stretch of a softshell with the waterproof performance of a hard shell. The unique construction allows 2-way air exchange while remaining completely waterproof. It does all this at a fraction of the weight of current membrane technologies. It’s the ultimate in personal climate control. Neo-Shell by Polartec is featured in the Mammut Eiger Extreme range and also the Stretch Neo jacket from RAB.

GORE-TEX Active Shell®

New GORE-TEX Active Shell offers the highest level of breathability found in any GORE-TEX fabric to date. Ideal for use in all weather conditions during highly aerobic activities, Active Shell features a lighter weight, streamlined 3-layer construction that combines laminates and fine denier performance textiles with a lighter, thinner GORE-TEX membrane. The result is garments that are extremely breathable, and provide durable waterproof and windproof protection, and excellent next to skin comfort. This fabric technology features in Arc’teryx, Haglofs and Mammut ranges to name a few.


Hydrophobic down is an innovative thermal insulation technology that utilises all the natural benefits and qualities of down such as superior insulation, outstanding warmth-to-weight, compressibility and durability. It then goes a step further by applying a unique and innovative water resistant treatment directly to the down itself. The result is quicker drying times, less water absorption, quicker loft recovery and enhanced performance in damp conditions. Hydrophobic down technology keeps you warmer and drier in the most challenging weather conditions.

Mountain Hardwear DRY.Q ELITETM and OutDryTM

Dry.Q Elite is the first waterproof and breathable fabric to start breathing the minute you start using it. It is constructed using an air-permeable membrane that maximizes body vapour outflow and unlike traditional waterproof and breathable fabrics, it doesn’t require humidity to trigger its breathability. No waiting means no clamminess, just pure performance and outstanding next-to-skin comfort from the moment you put your Dry.Q Elite garment on to the moment you take it off.

Mountain Hardwear gloves now feature their new OutDry system which is based on a patented innovative lamination process fusing a waterproof and breathable membrane directly to the inside of the glove’s shell, creating a unique body that seals the stitching and any other potential water entry point. Unlike a conventional waterproof insert system, there are no gaps between the shell and the waterproof barrier where water can gather and soak the insulation so hands breathe and stay warm. Fewer layers mean less bulk, better dexterity and lighter gloves.

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