Useful Ski Tips

Get a Pre-paid SIM Card for Europe

Skiing in the French Alps and don’t have a local number? LeFrenchMobile offers the pre-paid SIM card you need while spending your holidays at the Alps. Save on expensive roaming costs and staying connected with the best rates. One flat rate for calls to Europe, UK, USA, France and no connection fees. Read more >

Your First Ski Trip

If you’re a first time beginner contemplating your first ski trip what should you expect? What will happen? What will it be like? What should you do to make the most of it? BASI instructor Julian Griffiths offers some helpful tips for first time skiers and boarders. Read more >

Get Ready for Skiing

Beginner or expert, there are a few things you can do before you go to make your ski holiday a more enjoyable and safer experience. Preparing for your ski holiday by being fit, in balance, flexible and on well-maintained equipment will help you make sure you have a great time. Read more >

Nutrition for Skiing

The average skier burns 300-600 calories per hour. There are some easy things you can incorporate into your eating habits when skiing to help ensure you ski your best. Kristen Gravani offer five tips to get started. Read more >

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