Skiing in Solden

Solden’s ski area, on the west side of the valley and nearly all above tree line, is serviced by two gondolas at opposite ends of town.

Solden Ski Area Overview

Two gondolas at opposite ends of town provide access to the ski area, all of which is on the west side of the valley, and nearly all above tree line. A free shuttle bus runs between the two gondolas (and to the neighbouring villages of Vent and Langenfeld) though rush hour queues mean using whichever lift is closest to your hotel is definitely a plan.

The Gaislachkoglbahn, with a handy Intersport rental shop at the base, connects at the middle station to a peak of 3,058 metres. You can connect from this side to the glacier areas by the Landegg chairlift, which traverses the narrow Rettenbach Valley.

At the north end of town, a chairlift ascends to the hamlet of Hochsolden and more usefully, the adjacent gondola serves the Giggijoch. Up here, the BASE Youth World lays on a boarder bonanza with a park, easycross, and a race course. A further eight high-speed chairlifts service the mostly red and blue runs, and clutch of blacks, as well as connecting to the Gletscherexpress and the Rettenbach Glacier.

Beginners can take the dedicated single chair located between the two main gondolas. This ascends to a T-bar serviced blue slope, with a bar and restaurant at its base.

Beginner Skiing in Solden

The gentle wide slope at the top of the Innerwald chair, with a restaurant and après ski bar at its base, is a great place to start.

Beginners can tool around the gentle wide slope served by two T-bars at the top of the Innerwald chair. There is a restaurant and après ski bar at its base, good for fortifying tea breaks but otherwise somewhat isolated with not much there, there. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the little Minilift 16 at the top of Giggijochbahn gets you up high enough to feel part of the action and eventually advance via chairlifts and gondolas to the glorious smooth pitches of the glaciers. The snow, while beautifully groomed, can get rather fast so you’ll want to take it easy. There’s another short lift, the 39, at the foot of the Tiefenbach glacier.

Ski Schools & Ski Lessons in Solden

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Intermediate Skiing in Solden

Solden is an ideal spot for intermediate cruisers to rack up the miles on splendidly groomed red and blue pistes.

Solden is an ideal spot for intermediate cruisers to rack up the miles on splendidly groomed red and blue pistes. Beneath peaks that soar like pyramids snake some 73 kilometres of red runs – half of all available groomed terrain. The broad rolling glaciers are an obvious draw and skiing the same runs as the pros (albeit in a lower gear) is always a thrill. These smoothies are a top choice for doing laps on some sharp carvers. When this, or riding the T-bars, gets tiring, there’s a serious bump run off the bottom right of Rettenbach.

Solden has six kilometres of ski routes, marked on the piste map with dotted lines and diamonds and within the reach of keen intermediates. These slightly off-the-trail ski routes lead through deep caverns and pass some charming mountain huts. The longest run you’re likely to find, or need, leads from the Schwarze Schneid panorama point and ends some 2,000 metres in altitude far below in the valley.

Advanced & Expert Skiing in Solden

Only a fraction of Solden’s pistes are black, but there’s also accessible off piste skiing in Wasserkar and the area’s signature Big 3 Rally ski journey.

Only a fraction of Solden’s pistes are black, but these are nicely distributed over most areas apart from the glaciers. There are challenging bump runs off Hainbachjoch and below Rotkuglhutte on Piste 17. The most accessible off piste skiing is found in Wasserkar beneath Gaislachkogl down to the midstation. More black pistes intercept these descents towards the bottom. There is extensive ski touring beyond the lift-serviced area.

The area’s signature ski journey is called the Big 3 Rally, a 50 kilometre journey that encompasses an elevation gain of around 10,000 metres – and splendid 360 degree views much of the way. The four-hour route begins with more lifting than skiing, on the Giggijoch gondola and through the so-called Golden Gate to the glaciers. Ski through the 170 metre ski tunnel that connects the two glaciers and it’s hell for leather on the super smooth and wide Tiefenbach and Rettenbach glaciers. If you’re on your carvers, here’s dinner. Once you’re done nursing your Hermann Maier fantasies, take a bow and head down the winding ski route through Rettenbach Valley. One more gondola ride, up the Gaislachkogl to 3,058 metres, and you’ll arrive at the final Big 3 panorama platform.

Boarding & Freestyle in Solden

Solden has a boardpark, an easycross and a racecourse operate in winter, and there’s also plenty of activity on the glacier in summer.

BASE Youth World Solden provides a full-on summer and winter snowboard scene. The boardpark, an easycross and a racecourse operate in winter. Come June through August, the BASE moves to the Rettenbach Glacier and features snowboarding, snowskating, skateboard, streetball, street soccer, a gamezone, a chill area and more.

Solden Mountain Restaurants

Solden has more than 20 on-mountain restaurants so you’re never far from your next sausage break.

More than 20 on-mountain eateries mean you’re never far from your next sausage break. The Gampe Alm huts are good for Tirolean fare as is Hunersteig’n, the atmospheric sister operation to s’ Pfandl on piste 7 in Ausserwald. In addition to the many lovely independently owned huts, there are a number of self service restaurants, large enough to be visible from space, notably at both glacier bases and the major lift stations.


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