Getting to La Grave

La Grave is around 2 hour’s drive time from Grenoble, Chambery or Lyon airports. Grenoble train station is about 90 minutes away and has fast rail services from Paris, London and other European cities. Private transfers and public bus services can be used to complete the journey, or you can rent a car. La Grave can also be reached on skis from Les Deux Alpes.

Nearest Airports to La Grave

Grenoble (Alpes-Isere Airport): 121km / about 1 hour 50 minutes drive time
Chambery Airport: 145km / about 2 hours drive time
Lyon (Saint Exupery Airport): 170km / about 2 hours 15 minutes drive time
Turin Airport: 155km / about 2 hours 40 mins drive time
Geneva Airport: 226km / about 2 hours 50 minutes drive time

Grenoble airport is clearly the most convenient gateway airport for La Grave, although it’s not quite as convenient as a quick glance at the map might suggest because the airport is on the wrong side of the city, and a long way out. EasyJet, RyanAir, Jet2 and British Airways all have flights to Grenoble.

Chambery is the next closest airport but has fewer flights than Grenoble. Lyon Airport (just over 2 hours away), and Geneva and Turin (just under 3 hours) have many more international flights. The journey from Turin involves crossing the 2000m Col du Lauteret pass. It is generally kept open in winter, but it can be very weather affected.

Airport Transfers to La Grave

Ski-Lifts transfers to La Grave from the airport, train station or city centre

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Alps2Alps Airport Transfers to La Grave

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Bus Transfers

There are buses from Grenoble airport to the city centre and from the city centre there are a few buses to the resort, so if you don;t mind doing a long two-legged journey to get to the resort, you can get there by public transport. But there are very few (if any) direct buses between the airport and the resort. Full details are at

Airport Car Hire / Car Rental for La Grave

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Getting to La Grave by rail

Grenoble train station is about an hour and half’s drive from La Grave, and has TGV and SNCF services from other French cities including Paris, and international services. The fastest Eurostar train service from London to Grenoble takes just over 6 hours, but most services take about 9 hours.

Transfers from the train station to La Grave.

The easiest way is by private transfer. Ski-Lifts arrange private transfers from train stations as well as as airports to ski resorts including La Grave.
There is an infrequent public bus service connecting the resort with Grenoble city centre and Grenoble train station. Full details are at

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