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Tignes is known for its slopeside apartments which range in quality and price from luxury flats with access to saunas, swimming pools and concierge services, to small cheap studios. But there are also hotels, including some very luxurious ones, and chalets, especially in Tignes les Brevieres. 

Where to stay in Tignes?

Ynycio Hotel and Residence seen from the Bollin chairlift and piste in Tignes Val Claret

The ski-in/ski-out Ynycio Hotel and Residence in Tignes Val Claret © Les Montagnettes/Studio Bergoend

Tignes Val Claret, Tignes le Lac and Tignes Le Lavachet collectively form Tignes 2100 reflecting their elevation at 2,100m above sea level. Le Lac and Le Lavachet are effectively joined at the hip, whilst Val Claret is 2km away, at the other end of an ice-covered lake. A regular free bus service that runs day and night, called Circuit Tignes 2100, links the three villages.

At the head of the valley, Val Claret has the bleakest setting (it’s in the shadow of the Grande Motte in the middle of winter), but it has some very convenient and comfortable ski-in/ski-out apartment complexes and hotels, quick access to the highest slopes and probably the liveliest apres-ski bar at Cocorico.

Tignes le Lac and Tignes Le Lavachet border one another and it’s easy to cross between them. Tignes Le Lac has more nightlife, and is a better base for nice strolls around the lake, but Tignes Le Lavachet has the best views down the valley and can be slightly cheaper to stay in.

Tignes 1800 incorporates the post-war Tignes village of Tignes les Boisses, but most of the accommodation is now in smart new residences, complete with swimming pools and saunas, close to the lifts and pistes. In contrast to Tignes 2100, Tignes 1800 is located near woods, and its buildings are much easier on the eye. It is very quiet at night however, with just a handful of bars and restaurants. There are buses to both Tignes Les Breivieres and Tignes 2100 but the service is not so frequent as the Circuit Tignes 2100.

Tignes les Brévières is further down the mountain, but at 1550m it’s only ‘low’ by Tignes standards, and its local slopes are north-facing, so it’s very rare that you can not ski back to it. There are a few traces of Les Brenieres, the old village that was once located here, but its traditional low-rise chalet-style architecture and setting below the Lac du Chevril make Les Brevieres the most village-like and least Tignes-like of all the Tignes villages. It’s also the most self-contained and isolated: there are buses between Tignes Les Brevieres and the other Tignes villages, but it’s not a very frequent service, particularly at night.

Hotels in Tignes

Tignes Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels that are consistently highly rated by previous guests include the 5-star Hôtel Les Suites Du Montana in the very centre of the resort in between Tignes Le Lavachet and Tignes Le Lac, and Les Suites Maison Bouvier in Tignes Val Claret.

The ski-in/ski-out Ynycio in Tignes Val Claret (see photo above) is both a 4-star hotel and a luxury residence in a near-perfect location: in the morning you step out of the hotel straight onto a nursery slope that you then either ski down to reach the free Bollin chairlift or ski across to reach the Grande Motte funicular. It has an excellent onsite restaurant (Bazurto), wellness centre and swimming pool. Its sister hotel/residence in Tignes le Lac, Le Taos, also offers 4-star comfort in a ski-in/ski-out location.

Other good 4-star hotels include Hotel Les Campanules and the trendy Hôtel VoulezVous, both in Tignes le Lac,

Club Med Tignes is in a ski-in/ski-out location in Val Claret. It has a swimming pool and spa and offers all-inclusive luxury family holidays for a relatively low price, given what’s included – not only full-board accommodation with gourmet food and an open bar but also ski passes, ski lessons, childcare and other activities.

Tignes Mid-Range and Budget Hotels

Of the 3-star hotels, The Paquis Hotel, Le Refuge and The Langley Hotel in Tignes Le Lac and Le Lavachet are usually the highest rated, but they face stiff competition from The Curling Hotel in Val Claret and Hotel l’Arbina in Le Lac. Good value 2-star and budget hotels include Hotel Le Genepy down in Les Brévières, Le Dôme in Tignes 1800, La Vanoise in Val Claret and Le Terril Blanc in Tignes Le Lac. There are also chalet hotels (see bottom of the page) and ApartHotels (see below).

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Apartments in Tignes

Smart apartment complexes (called Residences) in Tignes increasingly offer flexi-catering holidays as well as self-catered ones: the apartments have kitchens but there are concierge services, early morning deliveries of fresh bread and croissants, and onsite or nearby restaurants and bars, so you can choose how much or how little you cook yourself. Typically there are also saunas, wellness centres and swimming pools. Good examples include the ski-in/ski-out Residence Ynycio (see above), Le Nevada, Le Jhana and La Ferme in Val Claret; Le Telemark and Le Taos in Tignes le Lac; Le Kalinda in Tignes 1800; and Santa Terra in Tignes les Brevieres. But this is the upmarket tip of a very large iceberg, and there are plenty of cheaper, more basic apartments as well.

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Chalet Holidays in Tignes

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