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Tignes is known for its self-catering apartments which range in quality and price from luxury flats with access to saunas and swimming pools to small, cheap studios. But there are also hotels and chalets, especially in Tignes les Brevieres, and even a Club Med. And a growing number of apartments are now rented out on a semi-serviced ‘ApartHotel’ basis.

Tignes Lodging Accommodation

Where to stay in Tignes

Tignes Val Claret and Tignes le Lac collectively form Tignes 2100. They are 2km apart but an efficient free bus service runs between them, day and night. Val Claret is slightly higher and bleaker (it’s in the shadow of the Grande Motte in the middle of winter) but it has more ski-in/ski-out accommodation and quicker access to the highest slopes; whilst Tignes le Lac is generally cheaper and livelier at night. Tignes Le Lac is divided into suburbs – Le Lavachet, Les Almes, Le Rosset and Le Bec Rouge –  but it’s a fairly compact village, so it does not make too much difference where you stay within it. Le Lavachet used to have a slightly downmarket reputation because it had more of Tignes’ infamous concrete apartment blocks, but these have mostly either been demolished or re-clad, and it has superb high-capacity fast chair lifts to speed its residents up the mountain.

Tignes 1800 is both the oldest and the newest Tignes village. It incorporates the original post-war Tignes village of Tignes les Boisses which once hosted an army barracks. But by the early 2000s the soldiers had left, and their old basic quarters were soon replaced with smart new apartment complexes. The expansion continued, a faster higher-capacity lift was installed and the area was re-christened Tignes 1800. There are regular buses connecting 1800 to Tignes le Lac, but it still feels slightly out on a limb, and it is very quiet at night.

Tignes le Brevieres is even further down the mountain, but at 1550m it’s only ‘low’ by Tignes standards, and as its slopes are north-facing it’s very rare that you can not ski back to it. Although it’s modern and purpose-built like the rest of Tignes, its traditional low-rise chalet-style architecture and setting among trees below the dam has always made it the most village-like and least Tignes-like of the Tignes villages. It’s also the most isolated and self-contained, with its own bars, restaurants and shops.

Hotels in Tignes 

The various Tignes villages offer a wide range of hotels that can be booked online. These include luxury hotels like Hôtel Les Suites Du Montana and Hotel Campanules and Hotel Le Taos in Tignes le Lac and Les Suites Maison Bouvier in Tignes Val Claret, as well as 3 star hotels, budget hotels, and chalet hotels. To search these and other hotels, check availability and prices, see locations on a map and read previous guest reviews and ratings, please use this accommodation-finder link.

Search Tignes hotels and book online>>>

Self Catering Apartments in Tignes 

Apartments in Tignes range from the cheap and cheerful (and usually cramped) flats built in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, to modern, spacious apartments with access to saunas, wellness centres and swimming pools such as Le Nevada, Le Jhana and La Ferme in Val Claret; Le Telemark in Tignes le Lac; Le Kalinda in Tignes 1800; and Santa Terra in Tignes les Brevieres. But these are just the upmarket tip of a very large iceberg, so use the link below to search these and hundreds of other apartments, check availability, compare prices, see locations and read previous guest reviews and ratings.

Search Tignes self-catered apartments and book online>>>

Chalets in and Chalet Holidays in Tignes

Alpine Answers has over 40 chalets on its books in Tignes. Most of them are catered and some include optional flights to and from UK airports (ask for a discount if these are included and you are coming from another country or want to make your own travel arrangements). Search their Chalets in Tignes here >>> and search their Chalets in Tignes Les Brevieres here >>>

You can also book self-catered chalets in Tignes without transport direct. Search and book these self-catered chalets here >>>

Also see Inghams in the UK tour operators section below.

All-inclusive Club Med Holidays in Tignes

The all-inclusive Club Med complex ‘Tignes Val Claret’ is situated by the Grande Motte funicular base station. It has spa facilities, a heated swimming pool, day and night entertainment including ice-diving trips and other adventures, kids clubs and on-site ski rooms. Standard packages come with or without a flight (you choose) but include a ski pass and ski lessons as well as accommodation, food and drink on a full board ‘open bar’ basis, wi-fi, and access to all the facilities in the complex. See latest offers and book online >>>

UK Tour Operators

Inghams provides Chalet, Hotel and Self-Catering Apartment holidays in Tignes. Search their Tignes holidays here>>>

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