Beech Mountain

Perched atop a peak in the western North Carolina high country, Beech Mountain holds the distinction of being the highest ski resort in the eastern United States with a summit elevation of 5,506 ft. Beech Mountain is popular with families from across the Southeast because its high base elevation allows for the best chance of a snowy vacation. As well as skiing and boarding, there's sledding on the open slope near Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta and the resort's ice skating rink is also popular in season.

Beech Mountain Ski Area

Beech Mountain offers an 830 feet drop with an exceedingly high base elevation of almost 4,700 feet. This high base elevation combined with 84 inches average annual snowfall and an efficient snowmaking system covering 100% of its slopes makes Beech Mountain the most snowsure ski resort in the region.

The ski area is divided into two main faces. All but one of the resort’s 16 runs is located the front side of the mountain. A first generation detachable quad brings skiers from the base to the summit, though the ride is far slower than one would expect from an express lift. On weekends, outrageously long lines can build. On the back side of the resort (known as the “Land of Oz”), a single intermediate run is serviced by a fixed grip quad.

Beginner Skiing at Beech Mountain

Beginners have limited options at Beech. There are two short green trails – Freestyle and Crossover – serviced by two double chairs. These runs are where adult beginners learn to ski. Unfortunately, they also happen to be part of the runouts to trails higher up the mountain. The result is a mixing bowl of fallen beginners and schussing intermediates which can be intimidating for first timers. Children have a separate J-Bar lift for ski school lessons.

Intermediate Skiing at Beech Mountain

Intermediate skiers will find plenty of options at Beech. From the top of the express quad, the majority of blue trails are found to the skier’s right. Robin’s Run and Shawneehaw are the main two trails with a short connector (Crossover) linking the two together. Both trails merge together into Lower Shawneehaw as they turn left and back towards the base.

The slopes are wide and moderately pitched. The lack of beginners on the upper slopes makes them far more pleasant towards the top than as they run headlong into the beginner terrain at the bottom. Lower Shawneehaw is also serviced by its own double chair (Lift #1), which is usually far less crowded than the summit quad.

On the other side of the summit is the Oz Run. This lone blue trail is serviced by its own fixed grip quad with a vertical drop in the 500 ft. range. Although it does not drop the fall vertical of the mountain, it is our favorite run on the mountain because it is the only true trail (the other runs are more wide slopes than trails). The Oz chair also tends to have a shorter liftline.

Advanced & Expert Skiing at Beech Mountain

There are two black diamond runs at Beech Mountain – Southern Star and White Lightning. Both are wide slopes of a moderatly steep pitch. They won’t get a real expert skier’s heart pumping, but are steeper than some of the other black diamonds at other resorts in the region, excluding Sugar Mountain. True expert skiers will find more challenging offerings across the valley at Sugar, most notably the double black diamond Whoopdedoo run.

Beech Mountain Village & Closest Town

The resort has a peculiar feel owing to the fact that it is dotted with octagonally-shaped houses on stilts (imagine oceanside houses in the Outer Banks and you’ll get the idea). There are a number of small eateries and shops on top of the hill  but the “village” of Beech Mountain really exists just to cater to the resort guests. Banner Elk is the closest real town.

There’s a small mountaintop village near the slopes, consisting of the ski resort base lodge, a handful of restaurants, a retail shop, and an ice skating rink. The adjacent town of Beech Mountain is the highest incorporated town in the Eastern United States. The closest large town is Banner Elk at the bottom of the Beech Mountain Parkway.

Beech Mountain Apres Ski Bars & Restaurants

On the mountain, skiers have a few selections for lunchtime fare. The main base lodge has an adequate cafeteria (the View Haus) and a very old school wood-panelled sports bar (the Beech Tree Bar and Grill).

The resort has also recently added a micorbrewery (the Beech Mountain Brewery) in the base village. Lastly, the new 5506′ Skybar at the summit of the resort offers food and drinks either on a large deck or in the glass-enclosed confines of an umbrella bar.

Unlike Sugar Mountain, where the only real dinner options are located in Banner Elk, there are enough restaurant options in the mountaintop village of Beech Mountain to keep most vacationers happy for a few days.

Our favorite is the Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta on the Beech Mountain Parkway, where a large selection cold beers and crunchy pizza highlight the offerings. It’s an apres-ski must.

Accommodation at Beech Mountain or nearby

Beech Mountain operates a central reservations desk to book guests in condos and slopeside homes. The quality of the accommodations can range widely, so be sure to ask for pictures of units in advance.

Getting to Beech Mountain

To reach the ski area, guests ascend almost 1,000 feet via the Beech Mountain Parkway from the town of Banner Elk. 4WD is highly recommended in winter months as the road tends to be snowier than most in the region due to its high elevation.

Nearest airports to Beech Mountain Resort and Banner Elk – driving distance and approximate drive times:

Charlotte, NC – 116 miles / 2 hour 30 minutes
Atlanta, GA – 275 miles / 5 hours
Philadelphia, PA – 325 miles / 5 hours

Beech Mountain: Pros & Cons

+ high base and summit elevations
+ skiing on two faces (main and Oz side)
– slow lifts (even the “high speed” quad)
– often crowded
– limited natural snowfall


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