Heavenly Ski Schools & Guiding

Heavenly’s Ski & Snowboard School offers a variety of ski tuition packages for adults and children.

The Heavenly Ski & Snowboard School is located at California Base Lodge, Boulder Lodge and at the top of Heavenly Gondola. For adults, there are several different packages. The Super Skier/Rider teaches you to walk, slide, turn, slow down and stop in a “wedge,” then learn to control your speed by linking your turns. Finally, you’ll learn to turn both skis in the same direction and execute tighter turns, controlling your speed while skiing the trails. There are also Mountain Adventure/Rider clinics focusing on powder skiing, mogul skiing or carving. Children’s group programs (4-13) are around five hours, and range from an introduction to skiing or snowboarding through advanced coaching. Children’s snowboard clinics are for children aged 7-13.

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