Ski Lifts in Keystone

Keystone Ski Lifts

Keystone has everything from T-bar lifts through enclosed gondolas and six-person high-speed lifts. Beginners use the T-bars and carpets at the base of the mountain and also at Dercum Mountain’s summit, while more experienced skiers can take two enclosed gondolas to North Peak and the Outback.

Keystone has added a high-speed quad, as well as improved gondola systems for the River Run and Outpost gondolas. Keystone has also added a magic carpet to the Discovery Learning Area to supplement the lift and T-bar there. The efficient six-seater high-speed chairs mean the lifts are very rarely crowded except at the base of the mountain. You can avoid lines by going to Keystone’s North Peak and Outback areas (in other words, getting off Dercum Mountain and exploring the other peaks.) Because there is night skiing here, lifts can stay open from 9:00 am-9:00 pm.

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