Learn to Ski in Brandnertal

Brandnertal has two ski schools – Snowsports Ski School is based in Brand and the Ratikon Ski School has offices both in Brand and Bursergberg. Both schools offer ski, snowboarding, and cross-country ski tuition. Snowsports also offer guided snowshoeing tours.

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Ski Schools in Brandnertal

Brandnertal offers a choice of two ski schools, both offering group lessons in skiing and snowboarding from Sunday to Friday and private lessons any day of the week. Brandnertal makes a very strong point of being family friendly and this philosophy is very evident in the ski school product.

Snowsports Brandnertal Ski School

The Snowsports Brandnertal ski school classes meet at the Dorfbahn mountain station. Group lessons are usually from 10.30 – 13.30. Full-day group lessons are also available.

Snowsports Brandnertal
D’Alp Schischule Brand Gmbh
Mühledörfle 80, A-6708 Brand
Vorarlberg, Austria
Tel: +43 5559 397
Email: offic[at]snowsports-brandnertal.at
Web: www.snowsports-brandnertal.at

Rätikon Ski School Brandnertal

The Ratikon Ski School adult group classes meet at the Tannleger lift in Brand, and in front of the Ratikon ski school office in Burserberg.

Schischule Brandnertal GmbH
Mühledörfle 2, A-6708 Brand,
Vorarlberg, Austria
Tel: +43 (0) 5559 333
Email: office[at]schischule-brand.at
Web: www.schischule-brand.at

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Kinderland Ski Kindergarten in Brandnertal

Young children (from 3-5 years) have their own learning area ‘Kinderland’ situated in the village next to the Sporthotel Beck. Here they take their first steps towards learning to ski in what may be described as a playground on snow, complete with fun characters and little courses laid out with colourful poles and arches marking the way.

Kinderland is a visible manifestation of Brandnertal’s commitment to family skiing. Both ski schools operate here and offer popular development programmes. Group classes are available for older children as they progress through the various age groups, and of course for adults as well.

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Mountain Guiding Off-Piste in Brandnertal

BergAKTIV Brandnertal

Peter Schuler, the founder and owner of BergAKTIV Brandnertal, is an approved hiking guide, winter hiking guide, ski instructor, Nordic walking instructor, mountain rescuer and member of the Vorarlberg Mountain Guide Association, Ski Instructor Association and the Brand Mountain Rescue Service.

BergAKTIV Brandnertal
Baumgarten 11a,
A-6707 Burserberg,
Brandnertal, Vorarlberg.
Tel: +43 (0) 664 8851 1271
Email: office[at]bergaktiv.info
Web: www.bergaktive.info (German language website)


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