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Warth-Schroecken Ski Schools

Each village has its own ski school. Former Olympic champion Hubert Strolz is a member of the qualified ski instructor team of the Ski and Snowboard School Warth, which is located opposite the Steffisalp Express chairlift. Schroecken Ski School is close to the Saloberjet chairlift at Hochtannberg.

With the majority of ski guests coming from Germany and Switzerland, group ski lessons are conducted primarily in German but most instructors speak English and even Dutch. All instructors are qualified to teach skiing and snowboarding and the standard of instruction is good.

Special children’s areas include Fairyland next to the Saloberjet lift at Hochtannberg and in Warth there is a Family park next to the Steffisalp Express chairlift and Kids’ land next to the Kitzeliftle draglift.

Warth Ski & Snowboard School
Tel: +43 (0) 5583 3443
Web: www.skischule-warth.com

Schroecken Ski & Trend Sports School
Tel: +43 (0) 5583 400 45 or +43 664 252 5200
Web: www.skischule-schroecken.com

Warth-Schroecken Mountain Guides

Mountain guiding is provided through the ski schools and options include a guided tour off-piste to Lech.

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