Westendorf Ski Schools & Guiding

There are three ski schools in Westendorf, providing convenient tuition in skiing and snowboarding, with beginners and children a particular focus. Some of the schools offer guiding and one offers lessons in cross-country skiing.

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Westendorf Ski Schools

There are three ski schools in Westendorf, all of which offer the usual range of group and individual tuition in skiing and snowboarding. Most have use of special facilities for young children, including the Schneeberg chairlift which is specially designed to cater for wriggling little bodies. 

Snow & Co

Snow & Co prides itself on working with small groups (maximum of nine) for skiing and snowboarding tuition. While primarily geared towards Dutch visitors, instructors speak English, German and Dutch. Private lessons and ‘ski safaris’ are also offered, for more details contact:
Snow & Co
Dorfstrasse 22
6363 Westendorf
Tel: +43 6505 210914
Web: www.snow-co.com 

Schischule Westendorf ‘The Reds’

Known as ‘The Reds’ due to their staff uniform, Schischule Westendorf has been operating since 1947, and is based at the bottom of the Schneeberg chairlift (126). The school offers a range of tuition, both in classes and individually, and including snowboarding, but has a particular focus on children. Its ‘Bobo Miniclub’ for 3-5 year olds, near the main office, has a range of fun ways to get small children comfortable on the snow, while older children can start in the ‘Bobo Kidsclub’ based near the beginners lifts. The Reds also offer off-piste tuition, and those wishing to cover some miles can opt for a guided ‘SkiSafari’ around the pistes in the SkiWelt area.
Schischule Westendorf
Pfarrgasse 1
6363 Westendorf 
Tel: +43 5334 6181
Web: www.schischule-westendorf.com

TOP Schischule

TOP has two offices, one based on the main street in the centre of the village, the other near the bottom of the Sammer t-bar lift (125). Its 40 instructors speak a variety of languages, including English and German, and offer the usual range of lessons in skiing and snowboarding. Small children are well catered for in the special children’s park, while older children divide into beginners and advanced groups depending on ability. TOP offer guided skiing and snowboarding in the SkiWelt and KitzSki areas, as well as cross-country skiing and guided touring. 
TOP Schischule Westendorf
Dorfstraße 4
6363 Westendorf
Tel:  +43 5334 6737
Web: www.schischuletop.com 

Westendorf Mountain Guides

It is possible to book ski guiding with ‘The Reds’ or TOP ski schools. 
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