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Les Menuires

ESF Les Menuires has three different bases (La Croisette, Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000) and employs nearly 200 instructors teaching in eight different languages. There are also smaller rival ski-schools and specialist off-piste mountain guides. All the schools seem to have taken the resort’s ‘friendlyMenuires’ slogan to heart, and some offer good value introductions to off-piste skiing (‘freerando’) and ski touring.

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Les Menuires Ski Schools and Guides

ESF Les Menuires offers ski lessons in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish and Polish. They teach all aspects of skiing and snowboarding and can also provide mountain guides for off-piste as well as instruction in cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, handicapped skiing and fixed price, pay per person freeride expeditions.

ESF La Croisette, 1133 avenue de la Croisette, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville. Tel +33 4 79 00 61 43

ESF Les Bruyeres, 479 rue des Bruyères, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville. Tel +33 4 79 00 61 43

ESF Reberty, 3 rue des Flambeaux, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville. Tel +33 4 79 00 61 43

Ecole de Ski Internationale (ESI) Ski Family. The instructors can teach in six languages: French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian. The school concentrates on small groups and are strong at teaching children. Lessons for children start at three years old.

Contact: ESI Ski Family, Résidence Lac Du Lou, 73440 Les Belleville, Tel +33 4 81 68 09 06

Prosneige Les Menuires is also located at La Croisette. The ski school limits classes to between four and ten people and offers classes in skiing, snowboarding and handiski in English, Dutch and German spoken as well as French. They also offer more adventurous lessons such as freestyle as well as ice climbing, ski touring and snowshoeing.  Fixed price, pay per person freerando expeditions organised..

Contact: Prosneige Les Menuires, Résidence Val Chavière La Croisette, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville. Tel: +33 4 79 04 18 35.

Bureau des Guides de la Vallee des Belleville. Mountain guides for off-piste skiing/freeriding, ski touring and mountaineering. Provide freerando expeditions for every levels from beginners to experts. 

Contact: Bureau des Guides de la Vallee des Belleville, 1223 avenue de La Croisette, Les Menuires, 73440 Les Belleville. Tel: +33 7 56 15 39 40.

Oxygene Ski School

Contact: Oxygene, Chalet Alex, Reberty 2000, 73440 Les Menuires. Tel: +33 4 79 24 31 52


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