Ski Lifts in Megeve

Megeve’s ski lift system is quite antiquated and slow, which is surprising given that it is such an upmarket resort. The Megeve Evasion Mont Blanc ski pass also covers the neighbouring resort of Les Contamines, but the two ski lift systems are linked only by bus or unofficial off-piste ski routes that can be dangerous or unskiable if conditions are not right.

Megeve Ski Lifts

Megeve suffers horribly from a slow lift system and while it copes reasonably well at quiet times, Megeve’s popularity, proximity to Geneva results and slow lifts result in queuing most weekends in peak season and especially during school holidays. The Lanchettes in Cote 2000 is overcrowded and queuing can be a problem, and the link between RochbCrune and Cote 2000 is also extremely busy.

It is all very well riding slow chairlifts if you want to enjoy the views and can afford to be kept warm by a fur coat, but the ski area would greatly benefit from a faster lift system. Almost a third of Megeve’s ski lift system is made up of chairlifts, but they are mostly slow and old, without bubble covers and heated seats that have been successfully installed in some other French ski resorts such as the Three Valleys.

Megeve Ski Passes

The main pass which most people use, and is suitable for most people coming here for a week or a long weekend is the Evasion Mont Blanc or ‘EMB‘. The EMB covers all the lift-linked areas around Megeve (Megeve, St Gervais, St Nicholas de Veroce, Combloux, La Giettaz) plus the Les Contaimines ski area which is accessed either via bus or by unofficial off-piste ski routes from Mt Joly. 

There is a cheaper pass, called the Les Portes du Mont Blanc,  that covers only the ski area to the North of Megeve (Jaillet, Combloux,  La Giettaz). For a novice who has outgrown the special beginners pass or for a very occasional skier who wants to save money this can make some sense but you do miss out on some of Megeve’s best skiing on Mt Joly, Mt Joux and Cote 2000. 

The cheapest pass of all is the special beginners pass which covers the beginners’ slopes on Rochebrune, Mont d’Arbois and around La Princesse. 

If you’re in Megeve for a long time and want to visit neighbouring resorts there is also the Mont Blanc Unlimited pass. The MBU covers a huge area – as well as covering everything covered by the EMB it also covers all the Chamonix  Valley including les Houches, Courmayeur and Verbier. Realistically you are going to need a car and to be in Megeve for more than a week to get full value from the pass.



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