Apres Ski in Serre Chevalier

Apres Ski Bars in Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier has a small yet lively apres ski scene and while none of the three village resorts are renowned for late-night partying, the bars that offer evening entertainment are full of festive tourists and locals enjoying a variety of vibrant soirees with a friendly ambience.

Villeneuve’s bars are eventful and fun for partygoers and the free night bus service makes an evening visit to any of the ski resort’s bars possible. The shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes and bus times are written on timetables at the bus stops. 

Apres-Ski Bars in Villeneuve (La Salle-les-Alpes)

La Grotte

Situated at the base of the mountain in the Place de Aravet, La Grotte is unmissable thanks to its logo painted in enormous Hollywood-style letters. By day La Grotte is a busy mountain restaurant serving bar food at reasonable prices with a big outdoor terrace that catches the last of the sunshine, a lively venue with a different apres ski event for Happy Hour every afternoon. By night Le Grotte becomes the valley’s most popular nightspot providing entertainment of all kinds with a different theme each evening, usually packed full of party animals and drinkers. Address: La Grotte, Place de l’Aravet, 05240 La Salle Les Alpes, Serre Chevalier. Tel: + 33 (0) 4 92 24 90 19.

Le Per et Noelle

Le Per et Noelle is another bar in the Place de Aravet, but which has a more continental ambience and is a popular après ski bar for locals and visitors alike. In between Place de Aravet and the commercial centre Le Frog is an inviting bar with a good selection of local draught ales and the relaxed feel of an English pub. Address: Le Per et Noelle, Place de l’Aravet, 05240 La Salle Les Alpes, Serre Chevalier. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 23 49 71.


The old part of Villeneuve is home to Mojo, possibly one of the best apres ski bars in the French Alps. Built underneath the arches of a classic old French building, bar Mojo’s has a hearty and decorative interior and is best visited for the two-for-one cocktail happy hour. The cocktail menu is vast thanks to the impressive knowledge of Mojo’s British owners who have brought years of worldwide bartending experience to the Serre Chevalier Valley and make amazing cocktails. Choose a Beverly Hills, Rusty Nail or an Espresso Martini and enjoy unforgettable evenings of cocktail extravaganza! Address: Mojo, Rue de la Guisane, La Salle les Alpes, Serre Chevalier. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 24 83 93. Web: www.mojoserrechevalier.com.

LB Bar in the LB Hotel

Another bar worth mentioning is the LB Bar in the LB hotel which is a lovely traditional French building with a classic interior including a massive open log fire and an ideal place for a relaxing drink. Further up the street is the Swedish bar at La Vieille Ferme, which is famed for its live music and where evenings usually end packed full of partygoers dancing on the tables; a night not to be missed. 

Apres Ski Bars in Chantemerle

The Station

Chantlemerle’s best-situated bar is The Station, at the foot of the Luc Alphand black run. The terrace offers great views of skiers tearing down the mountain making it a great place to après ski. The bar has a different event every day and night and is lively in the evenings. Web: www.stationserrechevalier.com

Piano Bar

The recently renovated Piano Bar in Chantemerle with its swanky interior and pianist is a more sophisticated place for a relaxing apres ski drink. Address: Piano Bar, 14 Allee des Boutiques, Chantelmerle. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 20 34 30.

Apres-Ski Bars in Le Monetier-les-Bains

Bar Alpen

Bar Alpen is by far the best après ski bar in Monetier. Located in the centre of the village in a square that has benches for drinkers to soak up the last of the afternoon sun, Bar Alpen is a small hospitable place that offers local draught beers, live bands and Sky sports. A true mountain bar set apart from the hustle and bustle of the ski resort and a great place to spend a few hours in a comfortable atmosphere. Address: Bar Alpen, Rue des Glaciers, 05220 Monetier-les-Bains, Serre Chevalier. Tel: + 33 4 92 24 43 49. Web: www.baralpen.com

Apres-Ski Bars in Briancon

Le Choose

Briançon’s best bars are in the old town. Le Choose has a fabulous location next to the Cathedral at the pinnacle of the historic town with views of the enormous cathedral doors directly opposite and echoes of centuries past and knights in shining armour.

Restaurants in Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier offers a good selection of restaurants and bars throughout the valley with most restaurants specializing in French cuisine and traditional mountain fare. There are restaurant options to suit all budgets and most offer good value for money.

Villeneuve’s is full of quaint French restaurants and L’Eau du Ponts, Le Refuge, L Marmotte and Mojo in La Salle les Alpes are recommended. Chantemerle is reputed to have some of the best restaurants in the valley and some of the more popular establishments include Le Loup Blanc, La Cabassa, Le Tryptyche and Le Bruno in Hotel le Plein Sud. Le Cairn in Monetier and Resto Duo in Briancon are also recommended.

Restaurants in Villeneuve (La Salle-les-Alpes)

L’Eau du Ponts

L’Eau du Ponts is an authentic French restaurant located by the bridge in the old part of Villeneuve and is recommended for French cuisine with both a set menu and a la carte and a sun terrace for lunch outside beside a rushing river. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Address: L’Eau du Ponts, 30 Rue de la Guisane, La Salle les Alpes, 05240 Villeneuve. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 24 88 06. Web: www.eau-petit-pont.com

Le Refuge

Le Refuge serves traditional mountain dishes including raclettes, fondues and French speciality ‘la cloche’, a hot medieval bell on which you cook your meat. The restaurant has a relaxed pleasant environment and offers good food and an interesting eating experience using equipment brought to the table with which to cook your meal. Address: Le Refuge, 45 Rue de la Guisane, La Salle les Alpes, 05240 Villeneuve. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 24 78 08.

La Marmotte

La Marmotte is an adorable little restaurant in a fairytale house catering for up to twenty covers. The three-course set menu features traditional French mountain cuisine with a home-cooked feel. Starters include snails and charcuterie. Desserts are chosen from a selection of huge cakes and tarts on display. Address: La Marmotte, Rue de la Guisane, La Salle les Alpes, 05240 Villeneuve. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 24 77 23.


Mojo restaurant has a good atmosphere and offers a great selection of food including salads, steaks, pasta and Thai dishes and a choice of plat du jour and a la Carte menus. Mojo is a great place to dine with friends and includes a very sociable bar, which serves a wide selection of cocktails and has a busy happy hour. The restaurant is open every evening and also at lunchtime on Saturdays when Mojo’s outdoor terrace by the river is a popular place for lunch on sunny days. Address: Mojo, Rue de la Guisane, La Salle les Alpes, 05240 Villeneuve. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 24 83 93. Web: www.mojoserrechevalier.com

Restaurants in Chantemerle (Saint Chaffrey)

Loup Blanc

Loup Blanc at the bottom of the Luc Alphan piste in the heart of Chantemerle is an excellent restaurant with a log fire, cosy ambience and top-notch food. The cuisine is influenced by Savoyard and Burgundian culture, creating mountain food with a difference. Loup Blanc is highly regarded and recommended for a classy evening meal with room for 100 guests inside and 70 outside on the terrace. Address: Loup Blanc, Le Clos Place Telepherique, Chantemerle Serre Chevalier, 05330 Saint Chaffrey. Tel: +33 4 92 24 14 27.

La Cabassa

La Cabassa pizzeria is a lively place to dine on Italian food, crepes and pizzas and is located in the Allee des Boutiques, a parade of shops and restaurants close to the main road. Address: La Cabassa, Allee des Boutiques, Chantemerle Serre Chevalier, 05330 Saint Chaffrey. Tel: + 33 4 92 24 06 83.

Le Tryptyche

Le Tryptyche, located in an arcade of shops by the main road, is a restaurant with a difference and offering a choice of dishes with strong Mediterranean influences which are a tasty alternative to the traditional mountain foods served by most restaurants in the valley. Address: Le Tryptyche, 19 Rue du Centre, Chantemerle Serre Chevalier, 05330 Saint Chaffrey. Tel: +33 92 24 14 94.

Hotel Plein Sud

Hotel Plein Sud is home to the walk-in Le Bruno restaurant which has a welcoming Anglo-French ambience and is great value for money with a three-course menu offering a choice of starter, main course and dessert every day. Address: Hotel le Plein Sud, Chantemerle Serre Chevalier, 05330 Saint Chaffrey. Tel: +33 4 92 24 17 01.

Restaurant Thai

Restaurant Thai is a small friendly restaurant close to the base area in Chantemerle serving classic Thai dishes to eat or take away. It’s convenient for a quick meal rather than a restaurant for more leisurely wining and dining. Address: Restaurant Thai, 22 Rue du Centre, Chantemerle Serre Chevalier, 05330 Saint Chaffrey. Tel: +33 4 92 50 22 14.

Restaurants in Le Monetier-les-Bains

Le Cairn

Le Cairn is a fabulous restaurant specializing in Pizzas but also offers traditional French food al la carte. Located in an old farmhouse building in a narrow street behind the church in Monetier, Le Cairn is typical of the old farmhouse restaurants in the Serre Chevalier Valley and offers relaxed dining and pleasant surroundings. Address: Le Cairn, 248 Route de Grenoble, 05220 Le Monetier Les Bains. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 44 09 91.

Restaurants in Briancon

Resto Duo

Resto Duo at the foot of the old town is one of the best restaurants in Briancon with a first-rate a la carte menu and is a fabulous place for lunch or dinner. The restaurant has a terrace with one of the prettiest views in the whole valley including panoramic views of La Valle de la Durance on one side and the Serre Chevalier ski area on the other. Address: Resto Duo, 8 Place General Eberle Cote, Remparts, 05100 Briancon. Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 21 09 18.

Serre Chevalier Villages

Serre Chevalier has three main villages with lifts (Chantemerle or ‘Serre Che 1350’, Villeneuve or ‘Serre Che 1400’, and Le Monetier or ‘Serre Che 1500) and one town – Briancon, or ‘Serre Che 1200’. The numbers refer to their height in metres. They each have their lifts, accommodation and reasons to stay there.

Chantemerle (Saint-Chaffrey)

Chantemerle at 1,350m is a modern-looking village 6km from Briancon and the first of three villages with lift access to the ski area. Mostly made up of hotels and apartment residences, Chantemerle also includes older properties near the base area where there is a shopping complex, tourist office, restaurants and bars. Views of the Luc Alphand black run, vertical in appearance, can be enjoyed from the bars and restaurants at the base. The Station is a lively apres ski bar and a great place to sit and watch skiers tearing down the mountain. Farther along the road away from the base area is a parade of ski rental shops and supermarkets which are close to the residences and hotels. A foot tunnel goes under the road making the short walk to the base area easier for skiers. 

Villeneuve (La Salles-les-Alpes)

The biggest of Serre Chevalier’s villages, Villeneuve at 1,400m is the hub of the ski domain and is split into old and new. The newest part of the village includes a commercial centre with a parade of shops, ski schools and the tourist office. Modern apartment residences circle a large parking area and the base area of the mountain. A little further on past the main roundabout is ‘Place de Aravet’ with further access to the mountain via the Aravet gondola as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and ski schools. The newest parts of Villeneuve are equipped to satisfy all skiers’ needs and are a centre of activity during the daytimes, however, the old village across the river is far more picturesque and worth visiting for restaurants and bars in the evening. 

La Salle-les-Alps is a street full of classic French stone buildings with beautiful balconies. Bar Mojo has an open terrace by the river that is sunlit throughout the day. The unusual-looking church St Marcellin has a deep chime and is now a museum dedicated to local history. From this church, there is a steep climb to the adorable St Jean’s Chapel where there are fabulous views of the valley. These churches, La Salle les Alpes and Le Bez, a tiny village that is also part of Villeneuve, are brilliantly lit at night creating a delightful nocturnal picture visible from miles around. 

Le Monetier-les-Bains

Monetier les Bains at 1,500m is the highest of Serre Chevalier’s villages and is located just past the Col du Lautaret. This beautiful village is a small quaint place with little modern infrastructure. St Martin’s church dominates the village, whose grand stone walls typify the old French architecture found throughout the Serre Chevalier valley. Opposite the church is a small square and Bar Alpen, a lovely place to sit on sunshine days and enjoy a beer. 

Monetier is the quietest village in the domain with fewer bars and restaurants, however, the bars and restaurants that are in Monetier are quality and worth visiting. The ski lifts are located behind the village and accessed via a short walk through narrow streets. Alternatively, a free shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes between the village and the ski lifts. Another shuttle visits all of Serre Chevalier’s resort base stations. 

Monetier-les-Bains is also home to thermal baths that reputedly have good healing qualities and are worth visiting after a day’s skiing to soothe tired legs. The baths have an indoor pool at 44° C and an outdoor pool at 36° C which have been tastefully renovated and include huge windows which allow views of the surrounding mountains to be enjoyed by day or night.


The majority of skiers visiting Serre Chevalier choose to stay in Villeneuve. Monetier or Chantemerle, but Briancon at 1,326m is also equipped for tourism and has its base area with Gondola Le Prorel accessing the ski mountain. The small town of Briancon (officially the highest city in the European Union) has a population of nearly 12,000 inhabitants and all of the facilities one would expect in a town of this size including a train station with regular trains to Paris. The new town unfolds at the foot of the ski area and climbs the other side of the valley where the walled historic town and the old fort are situated. The old town lies beneath a fort that was built in the 17th century. Within its walls are colourful buildings with wooden balconies that live on steep narrow streets full of bars, shops and restaurants and cobbled streets leading to a square and church at the pinnacle of the Fort du Chateau and spectacular views of Briancon and Serre Chevalier. For ski hire, see the Skiset offer at the foot of this page. 

Other Activities in Serre Chevalier

Other activities in Serre Chevalier include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and winter walking, the popular thermal baths in Monetier Les Bains and numerous villages to explore as well as other sports including ice driving and go-karting on ice!

Serre Chevalier Cross-Country Skiing

Serre Chevalier has 35km of cross-country (Ski du Fond) pistes with eight circuits that stretch from Villeneuve to the village of Le Casset, close to the Col du Lautaret. The circuits run close to the river La Guisane with the ski domain towering around them and lead through villages with stunning architecture that could otherwise easily be missed. For more information visit the Hautes Alpes Ski du Fond website or phone +33 4 92 20 15 09.

Serre Chevalier Snowshoeing

The Serre Chevalier Valley has many snowshoeing routes including snowshoeing in the ski area, which requires a pedestrian lift pass, and routes in the Ecrins National Park. Snowshoes are available for hire in all ski hire shops and a guide to the trails is on sale at the tourist offices. Visit the tourist office website (www.serre-chevalier.com) for more information.

Nights on the Slopes

Serre Chevalier offers visitors the opportunity to walk in the ski area or ride in a piste-grooming machine at night followed by an evening meal at a mountain restaurant. Participants can also visit and learn about the night-time operations of the snowmaking teams and piste groomers preparing the slopes at night. For more information about a ‘Night on the Slopes’, visit the Serre Chevalier website (www.serre-chevalier.com) or phone +33 (0) 4 92 24 02 41.

Thermal baths of Monetier les Bains

The Les Grand Bains hot thermal baths at Monetier les Bains offer beautiful views of the ski resort and a not-to-be-missed opportunity to relax and allow natural minerals in the waters to inject a sense of well-being after skiing. The recently renovated baths are located close to the base station in Monetier and include indoor and outdoor baths with many water features as well as Turkish baths, steam rooms and numerous treatment rooms with different themes. The thermal baths are open daily from 2 pm to 9 pm. Tel: +33 4 92 40 00 00 for more information.

Ice Driving

The Circuit de Glace in Villeneuve offers visitors the opportunity to drive cars around an ice track. Instructors teach clients how to drive on the ice in half-day sessions. The ice circuit is open from December until the valley temperatures rise above freezing, usually into March. Visit the ice circuit website or phone +33 4 92 24 78 44 for more information. 

Ice Karting

There’s also go-karting on a 550m ice track in Chantemerle, which opens from December and usually until March subject to local weather conditions. Sessions can be booked for groups or individuals and last half a day. Visit the Serre Chevalier karting website or phone +33 4 92 52 60 60 for more information.

Photographic Sessions

Spend a day on the mountain with a professional mountain photographer. Michael Truelove has lived and worked in Serre Chevalier for over 15 years shooting professional skiers for magazines and advertising. He offers visitors the chance to capture an unforgettable day of skiing, with individual action shots and group photographs. For more information, visit www.pikephotography.co.uk or email [email protected].

Serre Chevalier Museums and Guided Tours

Serre Chevalier’s history is rich and interesting. There are numerous guided tours of the villages and Briancon as well as a local history museum in the Saint Luce Chapel (Tel: +33 4 92 24 54 00) in Villeneuve and the Museum of Sacred Art in the Saint Pierre Chapel in Monetier (Tel: +33 4 92 24 57 43). Briancon’s old town and historic fort have guided tours that take place four times a month, for dates and times and more information visit the Serre Chevalier Tourism website. 

Serre Chevalier Tourist Information

For more information about other activities in Serre Chevalier, contact the Tourist Office:

Serre Chevalier Tourism
Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 24 98 98
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.serre-chevalier.com


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