Getting to Serre Chevalier

Getting to Serre Chevalier is easiest via Turin and Grenoble airports. Private transfers from Turin, which usually take under two hours, are the most convenient. Hiring a car can be useful if you plan to visit nearby resorts like Montgenevre, Les Deux Alpes and la Grave. There is also a railway station at Briancon, so you can also come by train.

Nearest Airports to Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier’s nearest and most convenient airports is Turin with typical transfer times of just under two hours by road.  Grenoble Alpes-Isere airport is only a little further, particularly if you are staying at the Western end of Serre Chevalier near Le Monetier, but it has fewer flights. Lyon is another viable option.  If you are staying in Villeneuve travel times will be similar to those given for le Monetier, and if you are staying at Chantemerle travel times will be similar to those given for Briancon.

Airport distances and drive times to eastern end of Serre Chevalier (Briancon)

Turin: 120km / 1 hour 45 mins;
Grenoble (Alpes-Isere  158km / 2 hours, 15 mins;
Lyon (St Exupery) 205km / 2 hours, 45 mins; 

Airport distances and drive times to western end of Serre Chevalier (Le Monêtier-les-Bains)

Turin: 133km / 2 hours
Grenoble (Alpes-Isere) 143km / 2 hours, 30 mins min
Lyon (St Exupery) 190km / 2 hours, 30 mins

Airport Transfers to Serre Chevalier

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Airport Car Hire / Car Rental for Serre Chevalier

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Getting to Serre Chevalier from Grenoble airport by public transport

From Grenoble airport an airport mini bus service departs every 30 minutes and takes half an hour to reach Grenoble central bus and train station (Gare Routiere). There’s a bus service between Grenoble Gare Routiere and Briancon, twice daily in high sesason and once a day in low season, which takes two hours and 20 minutes to complete the 112km journey to Briancon. For more information visit: There’s a train service daily between Grenoble Gare Routiere and Briancon but the journey time is over four hours as the train winds slowly through the mountains. For more information visit:

Getting to Serre Chevalier from Turin airport by public transport

From Turin airport there is a bus service to Turin town centre that takes thirty minutes and leaves every half hour, terminating at the central train station where there are trains to Olux close to the French border. From Olux there is a bus service to Briancon central station that connects to the train arrivals. From Briancon train station there is a regular bus service to the other villages in the valley. For information on the Italian train service visit:

Driving to Serre Chevalier from the airports

From Grenoble or Lyon the route to Serre Chevalier is via Motorway A51 as far as exit Pont de Claix, which is 80km from the resort.  The road from Pont de Claix via the Col de Lautaret to Serre Chevalier is occasionally closed in bad weather, but there is an Info Line (Tel: +33 4 92 24 44 44) with daily updates on road conditions and more general weather information available from Meteo. Tel: +33 8 92 68 02 05.

From Turin take  the exit for Oulx and Montgenevre, 35km from Serre Chevalier.

Travelling by train to Serre Chevalier

Briancon has a railway station with a direct rail link to Paris including a night train service. There are also train services between Briancon and Grenoble, Marseille, Lyon, Brussels and Amsterdam. For more information visit: 

Serre Chevalier Taxi Services

Chantemerle – Saint Chaffrey

Taxi Abecedaire Tel: +33 (0) 6 87 82 21 21 
Taxi Abeille Tel: +33 (0) 6 84 99 26 03 
Taxi Arduin Tel: +33 (0) 6 77 98 05 07 
Taxi Vallee Tel: +33 (0) 6 03 05 61 44

Villeneuve – La Salle-les-Alpes

Taxi Abecedaire Tel: +33 (0) 6 87 82 21 21 
Taxi Caillaud Tel: +33 (0) 6 13 51 17 66 
Taxi Vauban Tel: +33 (0) 6 08 61 20 63

Le Monetier-les-Bains

Taxi Altitude Tel: +33 (0) 6 26 24 15 05

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