Apres Ski in Val Gardena

No question; the villages throughout the Val Gardena area are strikingly situated.

Though similar in their south Tirolean ambience and architecture, there’s a distinct feel to each of them, even within the same valley. The Val Gardena villages – three of them within an eight kilometre stretch – are thorough-going resorts, while elsewhere on the Sella Ronda it’s easier to forget that you’re at the foot of a major ski domain.

Ski Resort Villages in Val Gardena / Selva

Selva Gardena – Wolkenstein 1563 m

Located at the T-Junction where the Gardena valley joins the Sella Ronda, Selva offers skiers an almost unlimited choice of pistes. Selva is more than just a ski base, though, with real mountain charm, and a strong Ladin cultural heritage: you can’t move for traditional woodcarvings, and, extending this theme, there are substantial snow/ice carvings in the small open area just off the main drag. To the north of the main road that runs near the river through town is the majority of the accommodation, while the older hotels, shops and restaurants, as well as lift station car parking, line the road itself. 

Santa Cristina – St. Christina 1428 m

Halfway between Selva and Ortisei, the smallest of the main Val Gardena resorts is also the quietest and the best placed for skiers who want to focus on the Gardena valley. Though further from the Sella Ronda circuit than Selva, it’s no chore to reach: just two lifts then a long red run down to either Plan de Gralba (green, anti-clockwise circuit) or Selva (orange clockwise circuit) although advanced skiers can also ski into Selva on Ciampinoi No 3, which is a steep black. Santa Cristina also offers skiing on Col Raiser and Seceda to the north of the resort, and also on Monte Pana and Mont de Seura. 

Ortisei – St. Ulrich 1236 m

The first main ski resort you reach on approaching the area from the west, Ortisei is more of a mountain town than a a ski resort, although its development across the steep south-facing slopes above the river make it a rather spread-out base. The pedestrianised centre is the place to be, for evening strolls, browsing shops and drinking coffee; there’s a strong traditional feel around the old church and a sense that you might be in deepest Austria rather than Italy. Further up the hill, there are plenty of high quality lodgings, but they’re sufficiently distant from the centre to make half-board the only real option, even if you’ve got a car – the streets are narrow, winding and not driver-friendly. The lifts stations accessing Alpe di Siusi and Seceda are about 500m apart which is a long walk in ski boots.

Apres-Ski Bars in Val Gardena / Selva

Selva is the liveliest resort for apres-ski, but all the resorts have a good reputation for classy fine dining. There are not any night clubs but the apres ski bars have live and recorded music and stay open till late at night at weekends and  other holiday times.

Mountain huts with booming sound systems and girls, wearing less than the weather conditions would appear to dictate, dancing on outdoor tables; plastic igloos featuring similar attractions back in town; and as essential as the infrastructure, a largely German clientele, for whom a ski holiday is as much about partying in ski boots as skiing downhill in them. Many of Val Gardena’s busiest apres ski bars also open until late at night, or even into the morning at weekends

One of the best examples is Piz Seteur, at Plan de Gralba: go-go girls most afternoons and a jolly apres-ski scene, whatever the weather. It is in a key position to catch skiers after their Sella Ronda circuit, or simply to stop by at the end of a day’s skiing above Selva. Beware that there’s still a reasonable ski back to Selva after you’ve finished carousing.

Bar La Stua (Selva)  https://www.la-stua.com/apresski-wolkenstein/index.html

Luislkeller (Selva)  https://www.luislkeller.com/

Apresski Snowbar (Santa Cristina)  https://www.apresvalgardena.it/

Winebar  Enoteca La Cërcia (Ortisei)   https://www.cercia.it/

Restaurants in Val Gardena / Selva

Many of the visitors to Val Gardena opt for half-board in comfortable hotels serving excellent food, and reserve their eating out for on-mountain blow-outs that leave them almost unable to ski in the afternoon. Though a good option, it means they miss out on one of the strengths of the region: a range of quality restaurants that reflect more than just the regional ‘south Tirolean cuisine with a hint of Italy’.

Lifestyle and gastronomy in Val Gardena is truly Italian, but with a Tyrolean or Ladin flavour. Chill out and relax during the day or after skiing on sunny terraces and enjoy real coffee with home-made Italian ice cream and pastries. An exceptionally good range of restaurants offers a choice of international, Mediterranean and local dishes as well as appetizing pizza from wood ovens, pasta dishes and home-made Tyrolean specialities including “Schlutzkrapfen” (spinach ravioli) and a choice of delicious wines.

It’s not just the obvious pizzerias, but less clichéd versions of Italian cooking too, with a lot of home-cooking thrown into the mix. One of the many good things you’ll find is great value, even though many of these restaurants are in the mid-upper quality bracket.

Many of the restaurants listed here are also bars, and some are also based in hotels, reflecting the Italian influence on nightlife that revolves around eating and drinking more than committed beer-drinking, with restaurants serving as a meeting point for people who appreciate good cuisine.

Some of the restaurants listed are open only in the evening and a minority may be closed on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Selva Gardena Restaurants

Gourmet Restaurants that have won Michelin Stars

Suinsom at the Hotel Tyrol, Selva. https://www.tyrolhotel.it/en/suinsom.htm

Le Stuben, Alpenroyal Gourmet, Selva. https://www.alpenroyal.com/en/hotel-restaurant-le-stuben.asp

Anna Stuben, Ortisei. https://www.relaischateaux.com/gb/italy/restaurant/anna-stuben-alto-adige-ortisei-val-gardena-dolomiti

Other Restaurants

Kristiania, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Raiser 2, Tel:  +39 0471 792047
Speckkeller, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 300, Tel:  +39 0471 794657
Val, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Val 2, Tel:  +39 0471 795467
Bellavista, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 168, Tel:  +39 0471 795232
Antares, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 195, Tel: +39 0471 795400
Tyrol, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Puez 12, Tel: +39 0471 774100
Armin’s Grillstube, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 161, Tel: +39 0471 795347
Else, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Ciampinei 42, Tel: +39 0471 795273
Laurinkeller, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 278, Tel:  +39 0471 795059
Gran Baita, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 145, Tel: +39 0471 795210
La Pineta, 39048 Selva Gardena – La Selva 39, Tel: +39 0471 795004
Olympia, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Nives 41, Tel: +39 0471 795145
Meisules, 39048 Selva Gardena – Plan de Gralba 29, Tel: +39 0471 795200
Scoiattolo, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Dantercëpies 34, Tel: +39 0471 795202
Freina, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Frëina 23, Tel: +39 0471 795110
Dorfer, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Cir 5, Tel: +39 0471 795204
Nives, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 151, Tel: +39 0471 795167
Des Alpes Stuben, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 157, Tel: +39 0471 772700
Jägerheim, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Raiser 61, Tel: +39 0471 792116
Oswald, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 140, Tel: +39 0471 771111
Florian, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Ruacia 25, Tel: +39 0471 792040
Posta al Cervo, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 116, Tel: +39 0471 795174
Casa Alpina Plan, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Plan 45, Tel: +39 0471 795165
Europa, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Nives 50, Tel: +39 0471 795157
Plazola, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Col da Lech 98, Tel: +39 0471 795172
Miravalle, 39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Dantercepies 51, Tel: +39 0471 795166
Gerard, 39048 Selva Gardena – Plan de Gralba 36, Tel: +39 0471 795274
Val Pudra, 39048 Selva Gardena – Paln de Gralba 15, Tel: +39 0471 794015
Pozzamanigoni , 39048 Selva Gardena – La Sëlva, Tel: +39 0471 794138
Chalet Gerard (Passo Gardena) https://www.chalet-gerard.com/en/

St. Christina Restaurants

Charme Hotel Uridl, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Chemun 43, Tel: +39 0471 793215
Cendevaves, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Pana 44, Tel: +39 0471 792062
Bistro Susi, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Dursan 45, Tel: +39 0471 793703
Sporthotel Monte Pana, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Pana 45, Tel: +39 0471 793600
Alpenhotel Plaza, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Cisles 5, Tel: +39 0471 793463
Marina, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Dursan 42, Tel: +39 0471 796603
La Tambra, 39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Dursan 13, Tel: +39 0471 790063

Ortisei Restaurants

Pontives, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Pontives 36, Tel: +39 0471 797091
Mar Dolomit, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Promenade 2, Tel: +39 0471 797352
Sureghes, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Setil 5, Tel: +39 0471 796256
Grien, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Mureda 178, Tel: +39 0471 796340
Genziana Enzian, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Rezia 111, Tel: +39 0471 796246
Antica Osteria Traube (founded 1779), 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Rezia 51, Tel: +39 0471 796265
La Rosticceria Sotriffer, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Rezia 38, Tel: +39 335 6174467
Stella – Stern, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Gardena 83, Tel: +39 0471 654165
Pizzeria Saskia, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Purger 71, Tel: +39 0471 796576
Cosmea, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Setil 1, Tel: +39 0471 796464
Orlo del Bosco, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Furdenan 9, Tel: +39 0471 796385
Concordia, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Roma 41, Tel: +39 0471 796276
Tubladel, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Trebinger 22, Tel: +39 0471 796879
Vedl Mulin, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Piazza S.Antonio 142, Tel: +39 0471 796089
La Cort, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Pineies 18, Tel: +39 0471 796488
Stua Catores, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Sacun 47, Tel: +39 0471 796682
Croce d’oro, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Socrep 49, Tel: +39 0471 797041
Bräuhaus, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – S. Pietro in Valle 17, Tel: +39 0471 798099
Cascade, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Promenade 1/1, Tel: +39 0471 786465
Dolomiti Madonna, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Rezia 276, Tel: +39 0471 796207
Cësa da Four, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Plaza San Durich 4, Tel: +39 335 8218030
Anna Stuben nel Hotel Gardena, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Videlong 3, Tel: +39 0471 793615
Sporthotel Platz, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Bulla 12, Tel: +39 0471 796935
Mesavia, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Bulla 14, Tel: +39 0471 796299
Rodes, 39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Digon 10, Tel: +39 0471 796108

Other Activities in Val Gardena / Selva

Magnificent spa hotels, excellent gastronomy and exceptional winter walking amid spectacular mountain scenery , makes Val Gardena one of the best places in the Alps for non-skiers to take a winter holiday.

Cross-Country Skiing and Winter Walking in Val Gardena / Selva

Val Gardena is exceptional for cross-country skiers and walkers. The Vallunga in Selva, the Monte Pana in S. Cristina and the Alpe di Siusi add up to over 98 km of cross-country ski runs.

Selva Gardena – Vallunga: 12 km of trails lead from the Carabinieri Sports Centre to the end of the valley. There is a cross-country Ski School and a ski hire at the start of the trail.

Santa Cristina – Monte Pana: An easy 3km cross-country track, medium 6km and 8km tracks and an 8km route to Alpe di Siusi

Ortisei : There’s a 1 km long practice trail on the Minert field, at the eastern end of the promenade. On the Pinëi Saddle (5 km from Ortisei on the road to Castelrotto) there is a 5 km long cross-country trail for beginners and advanced skiers.

On the Alpe di Siusi there are over 60 km of prepared trails.

Tobogganing in Val Gardena / Selva

From the top station of the Rasciesa funicular near Seceda above Ortisei, a 6km prepared toboggan run descends to the valley. It’s supposed to be the longest in the Alps.

Monte Pana Zip Line (Santa Cristina)

Speeds of up to 100kmh are possible.

Ice Skating (Santa Cristina)

A small artificial rink is created on the tennis courts near the bottom of the resort.

Val Gardena’s First World War Railway Tunnel (Santa Cristina) 

Head towards the church in Santa Cristina, then look for the elementary school. Nearby is the entrance to the tunnel of the railway built by the Austro-Hungarian empire (using prisoners of war as slave labour) in the First World War, that has been turned into a small museum. The promenade above the centre of the village is also part of the old track. 

Horse-drawn sleigh rides in Selva Gardena

From the centre of Selva Gardena and the mountain station of the Alpe di Siusi cabin lift.

Val Gardena Tourist Offices

Tourist Office Val Gardena
39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Dursan 80/c
Tel:  +39 0471 777777
Email: [email protected]

Tourist Office Selva Gardena
39048 Selva Gardena – Str. Mëisules 213
Tel:  +39 0471 777900
Email: [email protected]

Tourist Office Santa Cristina
39047 S. Cristina – St. Christina – Str. Chemun 9
Tel:  +39 0471 777800
Email: [email protected]

Tourist Office Ortisei
39046 Ortisei – St. Ulrich – Str. Rezia 1
Tel:  +39 0471 777600
Email: [email protected]

Discounted ski hire in Val Gardena /Sella Ronda Resorts

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