Apres Ski in Brighton

Brighton Village

While no real mountain village exists, parking lot parties can provide ample entertainment during open mountain hours.

Brighton does not have a large base village for resort guests to stay, dine, and party. Instead, the parking lot often serves as the gathering for guests and locals to mingle and enjoy one another’s company. Locals typically bring grills and extra food up the canyon with them, and lawn chairs are normally set up alongside the traverse from the center mountain area towards the Millicent lift. In keeping with the tradition of the mountain, this is a no-frills zone where everything is shared, from beers, to food, to powder stashes.

Your best best for a true alpine village can be found at neighboring Solitude’s village.

Brighton Apres-Ski, Restaurants & Bars

Outside of on-mountain ski area fare, there are only a select few dining options along the mountain pass road through Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Brighton base area does not provide a variety of dining options. While the Big Cottonwood Canyon road is quite rustic and skinny, there are a few dining options along the route up to Brighton from Salt Lake City. The Silver Fork Lodge is a local and snow cat driver favorite, where nobody leaves hungry. Otherwise, there are a number of excellent food options just at the base of the road in Cottonwood Heights. The Porcupine Pub and Grill is another excellent option only 20 minutes from the resort, but from here visitors can find nearly any type of food with only a short drive.

If drinks are in order, remember how Utah state liquor laws work. 4% ABV beers are sold at most convenience stores, gas stations, and bars, but if you want anything stronger you will need to find it in a state liquor store or restaurant with an often illusive liquor license.

Brighton Activities

Skiing and riding is Brighton’s bread and butter. If you’re not on the mountain here, there isn’t much else to occupy your time.

As the base area lies at the back of the Big Cottonwood Canyon road, there isn’t anything else to go to Brighton for other than snowsports. Snowshoeing is possible in the surrounding areas, though the mountain trails can often get steep in a hurry and the mountain does not offer guided hiking, snowshoeing, or backcountry trips. Other operations in the area can provide guided backcountry snowmobiling excursions, but all will be booked through a third party organization. This area may not offer much else, but if you have traveled a long way to ski or ride the “Best snow on Earth,” you will not leave disappointed.

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