Accommodation in Cannon Mountain

While the Mittersill Alpine Resort offers some rooms near the Mittersill base, Cannon does not feature on-mountain lodging.

Cannon Mountain does not offer on-mountain lodging at its base area, so visitors must seek accommodations among the surrounding New Hampshire towns. Mittersill Alpine Resort, located just adjacent to Cannon Mountain, does offer lodging in the form of condominium units and a handful of hotel rooms.

Franconia, NH does have a Best Western, perhaps the closest chain hotel to Cannon just up the road to the north. Continuing down NH-3 from Cannon Mountain, travelers can find a host of options scattered among the small towns. Indian Head Resort offers year-round accommodations with meal plans that cover breakfast and dinners for guests at very reasonable prices—perfect for families. Even farther south, the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, NH offers rustic hotel rooms in its Victorian-era houses. The Inn also operates the Woodstock Brewery and Station on premises, an excellent option for dinner and drinks. A variety of motels and inns line NH-3, and most are typically available during winter months, as the peak summer season caters more towards hikers.

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