Getting to Cannon Mountain

Cannon is extremely easy to access, just yards from one of two exits off interstate highway 93.

Cannon Mountain is located just a few steps from Interstate 93, with two exits serving the aerial tram base (34B) and the main base lodge area (34C). Driving from Boston is a simple two-hour cruise straight up the highway, but be sure to check traffic reports on weekdays due to commuters using the major traffic artery. Those worried about winter driving conditions should rest easy knowing they will not need to travel over a windy mountain road to get to the ski area.

The drive is shortened to about 80 minutes if driving from Manchester, NH, the location of the closest international airport to Cannon. The route is a little more tricky if resort guests are coming from the Portland, ME area, clocking just over two hours on state highways ME-113 and NH-112.

The ski area still manages to feel quite remote despite its location immediately adjacent to a major highway. Lifts whisk guests quickly away from the road, and the surrounding peaks, ranking among the tallest in the northeastern United States, easily moves attention to the setting rather than the nearby traffic patterns. The stretch of highway near the mountain also does not typically hold a high volume of vehicles at any time of year, and the majority of drivers in this area are headed to Canada or mountain recreation nearby.

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