Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek offers several different types of lodging for overnight guests. However, the vast majority of visitors are day trippers so options are somewhat limited.

Mountain Creek Accommodation 660X260

The Appalachian Hotel (Photo Credit: Mountain Creek)

The crown jewel of Mountain Creek’s lodging options is the newly constructed Appalachian Hotel. The hotel is located slopeside on the Vernon Peak side of the resort just steps from the Red Tail Lodge and the Cabriolet. The hotel is built in a traditional Adirondack lodge theme and offers a variety of room types to suit couples and families. The hotel has a generally upscale decor and feel and Mountain Creek deserves credit for pulling off a genuinely Rockies-quality hotel in rural New Jersey.

Mountain Creek also makes available condos for rent in the new Black Creek Sanctuary, just a short drive from the resort. A car will be necessary to reach the resort, as a shuttle option is not currently available.

Lastly, many visitors choose to stay at golf-centric Crystal Springs Resort just down the road. The resort offers two hotel options, the more upscale Grand Cascade Lodge and a less expensive option at the Minerals Hotel.

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